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A meditation group with an emphasis on traditional meditation techniques. Historical background, meditation, then conversation afterward!

The goal of this group is to implement historical meditation practices in a practical way. Academic sources will be covered briefly.
(Green tea and positive vibes encouraged).

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Karma Without Dogma: What does it really mean?

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**Please note that there will be no discussion on June 20th due to holiday plans**

Karma Without Dogma: What does it really mean?

It is rare to have a casual conversation about Buddhism without mentioning Karma (kamma). But what does this common term really mean? Or more importantly how can it be put to good use? Because the term karma has existed for such a long time it can be used with a lot of nuance. So, are we all talking about the same thing? A worthy inquiry! Let's see what Buddha had to say!

Join us for a group discussion on Sunday June 27th at 2pm. Please come regardless of knowledge and education level. Everyone always has something new to offer in our group.

Zoom Link (no password required):
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Sunday June 27th's Outline Disclaimer:
We almost never cover it all because we end up having so much fun! But I'm always open to answer any questions to the best of my ability via message or email.

Karma without Dogma?

Cause and effect?

-Sounds scientific enough

-Wait, entropy. Perhaps not.

(Chaos butterflies vs Einstein)

Karma Vipāka

-Ripening and maturation

-Does anyone ever benefit from it?

a) A divine game?

b) Or a chance for a lesson

An eye for an eye?

(Sounds depressing)!

-Can I negate my karma?

a) Is karma mathematical?

-Can I at least delay my karma

b) Is karma reasonable?

c) Can karma be reasoned with?

Is karma internal or external?

Carrying the weight

But no universal judge?


-The obscure missing piece?

-The unobscure ubiquitous piece

a) ie. it's the stuff we do

b) mentioned a lot in the Tipitaka

c) lots of confusing subcategories

(probably why it is rarely mentioned)


-I swear I'm not making words up XD

-the "impactful" stuff we do

Samsāra and Reincarnation

-The big why's of life

-The silent joy of life

-Transcendence (if you want it)

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