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Mr. Texas Real Estate is constantly striving to provide value to our community, and to help others grow and become financially free. We are committed to helping investors save time and money by providing exceptional services and products that we wish we had when we were starting out in the business.

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Mr. Texas Real Estate has all of the resources you need to scale your real estate business.

Marketing, Rehabbing, Land lording, Passive investing, and Connecting with other professionals


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Our Core Beliefs:

We bring Value to our members

We Believe in Real Estate Investing. Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build durable, multiple streams of income; acquire wealth; and achieve financial freedom

Real Estate Investing is not a get-rich-quick business. It requires dedication and discipline to succeed

Our membership services empower action takers to begin and grow their real estate businesses and careers

Our network drives our net worth. A network of action takers and established real estate professionals is the key to a successful real estate business

Upcoming events (4+)

Passive Investor In Real Estate Orientation (Webinar)

Online event

"Register Here: https://bit.ly/3EXOeyj"

If you want to invest in real estate, but you don’t have the desire or the time to; find and flip properties on your own, you can invest in real estate passively.

If you'd like to have a quick phone call about some of the investment opportunities, text ""Passive"" to[masked].

If you are ready to move forward, please fill out this questionnaire: https://mrtxre.com/passive-investing/"

EXP Realty Recruiting (On-Site Event)

The Texas Real Estate Investment Center

"RSVP Here: https://bit.ly/3DVUVQ4"

Become A Part Of The Club 45 EXP Team

And scale your business the right way while also adding multiple income streams that will provide you with the lifestyle you've dreamed of?

What is The Club 45?

The Club 45 is not your average team of real estate agents.

We are a global group of real estate agents and investors with extensive industry experience:
Technology & Tools to scale and service your business.
Sales & Marketing strategies that work in todays competitive market.
Live and Archived Training by highly the world’s top agents.
Mastermind & Mentorship to help you achieve your goals.
​Wealth Building & Passive Income through stock, revenue sharing, and real estate investments.
Systems & Resources for you to tap into without reinventing the wheel."

Real Estate Retirement Club (On-Site Event)

The Texas Real Estate Investment Center

"RSVP Here: https://bit.ly/3s2fnNb"

The Real Estate Retirement Club will help those that will hold Real Estate during retirement. Join us in a monthly meeting about the advantages and disadvantages of holding Real Estate in retirement.

Are you RE investor?
Currently doing deals and building wealth
Do you have the basic financial system in place for retirement?
Are you looking to retire early and retire well?
Do you want to understand the benefits of Real estate in your portfolio?
This club is for the professionals either in Real estate or elsewhere who are looking to retire early and or retire well."

Loan Doc Workshop (On-Site Event)

The Texas Real Estate Investment Center

"RSVP Here: https://bit.ly/3IRzsM8"


Why do you never get the rate that is quoted?
Why are the rates so high?
Why are you denied Loans?
If it is an ""asset based"" loan why do you need to pull my credit?
Why am I offered only 60% of Value?
Where can I find the best loans for my project?
This 2 hour workshop will breakdown the steps you need to take to qualify for a 5, 7, or 15 year mortgage and to fund multi-family projects.

This is a Critical Path Seminar if you want to grow your portfolio and be successful in real estate investing."

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