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Knowledge ~ Being ~ Understanding What is missing? A certain quality of Attention is needed. Working with a group can move me from my head into a lived experience, the first step in understanding. Studying and applying the Work of G.I. Gurdjieff, a 20th century spiritual master, can be a daunting task. Coming together in a practical approach, with reading, discussion, exercises and questions, this is an opportunity to explore Gurdjieff's myriad teachings, encompassing learning more about our bodies, our feelings, and our intellectual capabilities. While many of us sense there is "more" to daily life than the automatic busy-ness, we need mutual support to remember something deeper within, that "something" that can touch a finer aspect of reality often forgotten. The Gurdjieff Society of San Antonio has a 40+ year history in San Antonio of gathering, study, and application. We are linked with the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York, which was begun by Mme de Salzmann, Mr Gurdjieff's pupil, who Gurdjieff personally entrusted to carry on his work. We wish to share an opening of his teaching with those interested, in this public format. More information is available at Gurdjieff-Society-San-Antonio.org (http://www.Gurdjieff-Society-San-Antonio.org).

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