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I hope we will carry an interest together in experiencing the Ideas of Mr. Gurdjieff.

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Discussion, reading, and study of this whole question of waking sleep
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Hello, thanks for your interest in the Gurdjieff Studies Meetup! Every person, they're whether new to Mr. Gurdjieff's Ideas, or very familiar with them, experiences a truth when he or she realizes they are moving through life in a state of sleep and service to habits and appetites. And from realizing that truth, I can see the answers that I use to step around my sleep. Even my resistance can become a part of my sleep. There is no "automatic progress" or self improvement podcast or piece of luck that will help me to escape my sleep permanently. But, to admit that to myself, to study myself, to want, and to accept help, is huge. But now and then, I appear. The real I, that is me. I discover I there is a nearly unnoticeable choice that I'm offered, to live, to listen, to attend to myself and the world, in another way. I look forward to meeting you and hope we can bring our attention to a study and experience of the Ideas. Reading material: look for In Search of the Miraculous, PD OUspensky Views from the Real World, Early Talks of Gurdjieff and perhaps All and Everything, GI Gurdjieff these will all be a support.

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The mystery and difficulty of awakening

First United Methodist Church