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The Tucson group was begun under the direction of Willem Nyland. Since 1972, weekly meetings have been conducted in Tucson to discuss the practical application of Gurdjieff's method of inner development (known as "the Work") to everyday life. If you have been touched by the ideas of G.I.Gurdjieff and wish for a deeper connection, contact Wayne at 520-360-7340.

Inner Life Spiritual Practice and Development

To Wake Up to the True Self is the essence of all spiritual practice in all traditions.  Our Selves are only the separate particles of the Eternal manifested by life on Earth. The particle of my Self, when I am Awake, is actually timeless and not bound by space. 

A technology of practice is necessary to fulfill our potential and to Wake Up to Higher Consciousness.  What method of practical application do I currently have in my daily life?  Gurdjieff taught a method that he called Work on oneself.

As I find myself, I’m in a waking / sleeping state.  I mechanically perform actions, am tossed about by my feeling states, and live in endless mental spin.  I am mostly lost and do and say things that have undesirable consequences.  I sometimes experience what feels like emptiness which may be the expression of spirituality within seeking to come out into my life. I may choose to avoid these deeper emotional stirrings by self-medicating through drugs and alcohol or just entertain myself to death with other momentary releases that leave me wanting.

The daily practice of Work on oneself starts with an Objective observation of myself as I am with an acceptance called Impartial Acceptance of the facts of my existence.  The process begins simply with gathering facts without any description, without liking or disliking.  And this process takes place in this present moment – Now – the Eternal Present.  To do this, all thought forms are minimized as thought places us in time by anticipation and memory or else fills us with chatter and static.

I do not need to be concerned or distracted with change or self-improvement. Just the recording of the fact of my existence as I am in this moment without any description is sufficient to establish a connection to Higher Consciousness. 

By being present to myself, my orientation to my life changes. I start to “See” myself and my greater Self obscured by my personality.  This begins the process of separation from the self-centered world that I identify with into the direction of the Higher world of my potential.  I experience this change as being less identified with all the difficulties of my daily existence.  I remain, so to speak, on the battlefield of life but I don’t lose my Self.

This kind of orientation to my Life  can begin to transform and align me to the Higher energies that surround me.  This is the process of Awakening in Life. Practicing Gurdjieff’s system of Work on oneself requires help from others both for guidance when I get off the track and for encouragement when I get taken up by the events of my daily existence.  It also requires an openness for help from Above.

We have such a group that meets weekly and has met together since 1972 for the mutual benefit of Working together for our common aim. In addition to our Work discussion meetings, we also practice the sacred dances call the Movements that Gurdjieff taught.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about Gurdjieff or his system of Waking Up, then you are welcome to attend our Tuesday night meeting at 7:00 PM at 4648 E Speedway.  For more information, please call Dave at 512-743-5490.

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