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NOTE: These meetings are only for people who live in the Austin, TX area.
Meetings start promptly at 8:00 pm.
New participants meet over ZOOM for a few weeks, then are transitioned to in-person meetings if appropriate.
If you do not live in the Austin area, you can try to make contact with a Gurdjieff Foundation near to where you live. Gurdjieff Foundation groups exist in these US cities:

We offer free public meetings on a weekly basis to serve as an introduction to "the Gurdjieff Work". 
The Gurdjieff Work is completely practical in nature. Gurdjieff said the 4th Way system "is for people who need it and know that they need it". People "who know that they need it" are people who have satisfied the guidance from our parents, teachers and employers, satisfied the urges for relationships and to provide financial stability for oneself, yet STILL have a deep inner feeling that there is a more profound meaning to our existence as human beings. 
Especially important, the Gurdjieff Work can and must be verified for oneself...this Work is NOT a belief system.... nor is it a religion....nor is it a self-help / self-improvement program. It is a program for the harmonious development of Man intended to lead us beyond the economic and social survival skills our family and culture demand of us.
The Gurdjieff Foundation of Austin exists to create conditions which increase the possibility for its members to experience their full human potential which includes unknown levels of attention, sensation, consciousness and BEING, which exceed those required by our ordinary life circumstances. These Work conditions include practicing the Gurdjieff movements (ancient temple dances), guided meditation (very specific, ancient meditation practices), working with practical inner exercises, sharing our experiences in weekly group meetings, bi-weekly day-long "Work days", work with crafts as a backdrop for inner work, and week-long retreats at facilities in NY state. 
These conditions have the potential to nurture impartial, objective experiences of our highest potential with respect to our level of BEING. Are you ready to open to the mysteries of what you really can become? Do you want to find a non-drug-induced method to move towards higher consciousness? Is there a part of you that yearns for a connection to your genuine inner self? 
The Gurdjieff Foundation of Austin is comprised of men and women ranging in age from their 20's to their 70's, with diverse backgrounds. We operate under the guidance of the New York Foundation. Senior members from the NY Foundation visit us twice each year. We have the opportunity to visit NY each summer for "Work weeks" conducted at a large facility outside of NY city.
This interview will give you a good introduction before attending your first Meetup with us:

Enneagram art: Copyright 2015 by Lee van Laer. This image incorporates elements in the public domain from the collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

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