What we're about

We are a social group of fun-loving, discerning Gay guys seeking alternatives to the club/bar scene and hook-up apps to meet like-minded guys. We love to have fun just like the next guy....we just want it on our terms, in a fresh new scene!

Each month we curate a unique event that encourages members to meet new people face to face in real time, engage more inter-personally sans tech, and develop meaningful lasting friendships....all while being charitable + having fun!

These specially created events take place at some of the most chic hotels, lounges, restaurants, and event spaces in D.C. Sometimes we'll host a brunch event, called GUY BRUNCH. Every one of our monthly curated events and Guy Brunches will donate proceeds to a local LGBT charity. It's about having fun + being SOCIALLY responsible!

An annual membership fee of $25 gets you the reduced member's fee to all monthly events, Brunches, and Happy Hours, as well as exclusive discounts from our carefully selected Restaurant, Retail, Hotel, Gym, and Spa partners.

You can find out more of what we're all about, upcoming events, and sign up for membership though our website LAUNCHING MAY 2015. Check out our sister NYC site to see more of what we're about: www.guysocial.com

Now log off your computer, turn off your phone....it's time to GET SOCIAL!


Past events (5)

GUY BOWL: a Bowl n' Chill night for Gay Guys!

Lucky Strike Washington DC

GAYZER TAG: D.C. Launch event!

Ultrazone Laser Tag

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