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The GNPA Gwinnett Chapter is an organization dedicated to helping nature photographers of all skill levels improve their photography, learn and grow, meet other outdoor photographers, participate in great trips and events, help others understand the value of the natural world and give focus to a special area of interest in photography.

We are one of nine Chapters of the state-wide Georgia Nature Photographers Association. We invite you to visit one of our monthly meetings, normally the 4th Wednesday of each month (except Nov & Dec, when we combine for a Christmas Party).

Please join our meetup whether or not you are a GNPA member to see what you may be missing. However, some activities such as Field Trips and Competitions are NOT open to non-GNPA Members.

It is our goal to make the Gwinnett Chapter and GNPA as a whole the best nature photography club in the Southeast, and we want you to help guide and mold it into exactly the kind of club you want.

Join us for nature photography field trips (as GNPA Members), monthly meetings, competitions, etc.

It is simple to join GNPA. Simply go to WWW.GNPA.ORG, select "Join the GNPA" button and follow the instructions.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next monthly meeting.


For more information about our chapter, visit past Meetup Events, the Photos on the menu.

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Horace Hamilton, dreamy, soft focus look with Orton Effect and other techniques

Doors open at 6:30pm, so come on down and visit with other photographers before the meeting starts. Get a good seat right down front. Come join the Gwinnett Chapter of GNPA and former state GNPA President Horace Hamilton for an educational and interactive presentation during which you will learn several techniques to convey a soft, moody atmosphere in your images. We will work with Photoshop to execute the Orton Effect which was created by abstract nature photographer Robert Orton in the 1980’s. We will also use the “glow” presets in NIK as well as tools in the Topaz Labs suite of processing apps. In addition, we will discuss and demonstrate the use of in camera multiple exposure. If you have enjoyed seeing images with this dreamy and moody effect you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how easily you can create the same effect in your own images.

Five Forks Library - Nature Photography Program

Needs a location

Come and join us at the Five Forks Library in Lawrenceville to learn more about the Georgia Nature Photographers Association, the Gwinnett Chapter and basic Nature Photography concepts. GNPA Mission Priorities: 1) Promote nature photography in Georgia 2) Help to conserve and preserve the diverse natural ecosystems in Georgia 3) Educate others interested in nature photography We have been in partnership with the Gwinnett Public Library System since January 2017 conducting informational presentations and discussions with great success. We try to inform local amateur photographers about our existence, extend the opportunity to become part of Gwinnett chapter and GNPA, and participate in a program to increase nature photography skills. We display members photographs before and after these sessions to share with the public and help build interest in the session. Bring your questions with you. Our aim remains to discuss nature photography techniques and see even more join the Gwinnett Chapter and GNPA. If you are able to come learn and support our chapter and the members giving of their time and efforts in conducting these sessions, please do. Everyone is welcome. Thanks.

4th Annual "Stand in ANSEL ADAMS Footsteps”

Cornerstone Coworking

The concept and goal of “Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps” is to shoot in Monochrome (Black & White) photograph to emulate as close as you can the style or feel of his work. Open to any current GNPA member regardless of home chapter. As most of his work was great black and white (monochrome) landscapes from the Western U.S. Remember, as he did…study your scene and consciously decide how and what you will photograph. Visit YouTube for videos and interviews with Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams was born on February 20, 1902 and died April 22, 1984. A major visionary figure in nature photography and wilderness preservation. While we are not in the western U.S., several nearby locations could be used such as Stone Mountain, Arabia Mountain or Panola Mountain, as well as the Great Smoky Mountains, eastern coastline shores, the many waterfalls and wonderfully rich environments of Georgia and the Southeastern U.S. Or, if you are lucky, some of those same Western U.S. sites loved by Ansel. No restrictions on geographic locations. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it” – Ansel Adams A brief on the competition follows, however, the Complete Posting and Rules can be found on the GNPA Website under GNPA Competitions (https://www.gnpa.org). Photographer Divisions: NOVICE and ENTHUSIAST. NOTE: A Professional Photographer shall be deemed as any photographer whom derives more than $5,000 in revenue a year will be considered a Professional and may not participate. Categories: 1. LANDSCAPE, 2. DETAIL & TEXTURES of NATURE and 3. OPEN THEME, as long as it is Nature. FIRST STEP: Send your digital entries to Stewart Woodard, Chapter Coordinator at [masked]. Deadline: February 22nd. Please, this is important and will help anticipate the number of entries, help organize and facilitate judging. Entries must be in JPG format with a maximum 1200 pixels on the longest side. Individual files should NOT exceed 1 MB in size. Name each of your electronic files individually, see example on Complete Rules, found on GNPA website. Bring your final matted photographs and pay your entry fees. Entry Fees: For 1-2 entries $7.00, for 3-4 entries $18.00 and for 5 or more entries $20.00. Only cash or personal checks will be accepted. NO CREDIT CARDS! No refunds on entry fees. Eligibility & Restrictions: Must be a current GNPA member from any chapter. No restrictions on geographic location or when photograph was taken. Must have identifying label on back (see below) and no identification of photographer on front. Matting & Labels: Matted on backing board with identifying label. • Single matted, no framed work. • Print sizes between 8” X 10” min & 16” x 20” max. Panoramas keep longest side at 20”. • Only identification, must be the identifying label placed on the back, see example on Complete Rules, found on GNPA website. NO signatures, copyrights or identifying markings visible on photograph or mat. Deliver print entries from 5:30 to 6:30 PM Wednesday, February 27th at monthly meeting. Ribbons awarded in each category for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Honorable Mention. A Best of Show ribbon in each Division and either “Ansel Adams – Knowing Where To Stand” or “Ansel Adams – Photographs of the Southwest”. Our Judge – John Mariana is a renowned photographer and photography educator. He has conducted numerous workshops across the United States. His website at http://www.jmariana.com. Grand Prize in Outdoor Magazines’ 9th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest. Winning image is a three-image panorama, it provides the scale and the breadth of the scene. Any questions, please send them by email to Stewart Woodard, Chapter Coordinator at [masked].

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CHRISTMAS SOCIAL - Food, Fun, and Members Slide Show

Cornerstone Coworking

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