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What we’re about

This is a social site for people with Herpes / HSV. This is not just a dating site. Some have met their loves at our events, and many have found great friendship with others who understand what it is like to have H.
***SIDE NOTE BEFORE JOINING our H Meetup: For your privacy, you can log into your account, go to 'Settings', then 'Privacy', then un-select 'Show Meetup groups on profile'. ***
If you have HPV (warts) only, you are welcome to join this group, we are primarily a Herpes social but many here have both viruses. HPV, the virus that causes a wart, is NOT always a lifetime virus whereas herpes is, so understand this if you become involved with someone with Herpes. The CDC's webpage has great information on HPV and HSV.

Herpes/HPV won't stop us from living a full life. Being social is the first step to taking back your power, finding great love and friendships, and living happily. Statistics show that just by being social, the emotional healing begins!

Roughly two thirds of all American adults have HSV, & most do not even know they have it since they do not show symptoms. Many do not understand that when you're tested for STDs you have to ask specifically for a Herpes Blood test.

THE GROUP'S LOCATION MIGHT SOMETIMES CHANGE SO WE CAN REACH MORE PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER SO-CAL TO JOIN. Week by week our group might be based in LA, IE, Long Beach, OC , SF Valley or San Diego, etc to keep new members joining from all over the region. Share this Meetup with your friends or peeps you meet on the other H sites. The more the merrier!!


Please consider a small donation/contribution to our Meetup Group to help cover the cost of the hosting fees which Meetup charges us.