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Lunch Hour Fitness Hike: Valley Forge Park 3 mi (1 hour) -or- 6 mi (2 hours)
Join us for a VERY fast-paced advanced fitness hike at Valley Forge Park! This hike is designed with a convenient bail-out near your vehicle after 1 hour (3 miles) for those needing to get back to work or who have simply had enough! Those who wish to continue will complete another 3 miles in the second hour. Be prepared to hike Mt Misery and Mt Joy...wooded trails with elevation gains...a strenuous workout! Please remember to hydrate well before the hike and bring electrolytes* and plenty of water! Dogs welcome! Please note in comments if you are bringing your pooch so those allergic or uncomfortable around dogs can plan accordingly. • Arrival and Start Times: 11:45 AM for meet and greet introductions, hike overview and then departure at 11:50 AM (sharp!) • Meetup location: Valley Forge Park, Wilson Road Parking Lot at Yellow Springs & Wilson Road, 1798 Wilson Rd, Malvern, PA 19355 (GPS coordinates:[masked], [masked]) Google maps recommended, DO NOT use Mapquest • Hike Level: Intermediate-Advanced due to distance, two challenging slopes & very brisk pace • Distance: 6 miles (Bail out option at 3 miles!) • Pace: Over 3.0 mph • Elevation Gain: Over 1000 ft • Total Time: Approximately 2 Hours _____________________________________________ We appreciate the diversity that the trails reveal as the weather and seasons change. We do hike year round in heat or snow. Warm rain is fun! Cold, windy rain, not so much. Rain will cancel only if thunderstorms or if below 55° and/or high winds. Tips for enjoying hiking in the rain... • Wear a brimmed hat to keep water out of eyes • Gaiters are a great investment to keep water out of boots & pant cuffs dry; they also offer an additional layer of warmth on colder rainy days • Store a lightweight poncho or rain jacket in your backpack • Keep a low center of gravity; crouch on the inclines to lesson the likelihood of slipping. If you do slip, you won't have as far to fall! • Maintain a positive attitude. Feeling the urge to whine? Look around you. Train your brain to focus on the positive; it's always there...the red leaf, the interesting shape of a branch, the quartz stone, your amusing hiker buddy! ________________________________________________ NOTICE: By attending an event you are agreeing that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any damages, accidents, or liabilities incurred while hiking with us.

Wilson Road Lot - "New Yellow Springs Trailhead Parking Lot"

1709 Wilson Rd · Valley Forge, PA

What we're about

Welcome Adventurers To H3 Outdoors or H3O!!!

You might be asking... what does H3 stand for? Harmony... Happy... Healthy... Outdoors!

"We're Not Just Hiking... We're H3O!"

We are a diverse group of hikers, walkers, backpackers, campers, runners, bicyclists, paddlers, rock climbers who simply enjoy being outside, with other people and getting some exercise at the same time.

Well Over Three Years...3,000 members...1500 events!

We started out as a hiking group in 2013 and that is still our core activity, but H3O is evolving everyday in every way to expand our horizons to offer just about any fun, healthy outdoor activity possible.

Where Do We Go? "Outdoors" Is A Pretty Big Place!

Many of our hikes and events are in Valley Forge National Park, Ridley Creek State Park and most other parks and hiking trail destinations located throughout Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Delaware counties. But we are always venturing out to other areas and neighboring states and now across the country. And in 2015 we hosted our first international hiking trip to England.

Are H3O Hikes and Activities For You?

Our members have a variety of physical skill levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced hardcore. We always plan our hikes and activities with this in mind and will let you know the minimum skill level required so you can decide if an activity is appropriate for you to attend. Hiking and activities should always be well within your own comfort and skill level.

Our organizers are not professionals and all hiking and activities are always at your own risk and responsibility. Dogs on a leash are permitted at your own risk on Meetups where the venue allows dogs.

Our number one goal is to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors while observing safety at all times.

Do We Charge Anything?

Meet Up charges a fee to maintain the website and all groups need to pay this to continue to post activities for their group. We don't charge our members but anyone can feel free to "Chip In" voluntary contributions. This is NOT a membership fee but a voluntary donation to keep the group going. If you are unable to make a donation, no worries; you are still welcome to join our group. Other than that, if a planned event requires a cost to conduct it (i.e., lodging, travel, permits, equipment, supplies, etc.) then we do charge the appropriate funds to cover those costs. We don't mark up any costs and we don't make a profit off any events.

So, What Do You Want To Do? Where Do You Want To Go?

We are open to the suggestions of our members. Let us know! Our activities are only limited by imagination! But let's keep it safe. Maybe no jumping out of helicopters. But that does sound fun!

Come On Out and Join Us! We Hope To See You Out There! Whaaahoooo! ;)

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