Crypto Applications You Can Use Right Now: Brave and BAT with Coinaccord

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It's that time again, for this book club we will be analyzing the Brave Browser and their native token, BAT. This is an application that everyone can use TODAY! They're already at over 10 million downloads on just Google Play, and besides introducing a more private and faster browser, they have created entirely new business models that put the users and creators back in charge of their data and content.

If you're interested in learning about how this crypto project really works, and how you can take advantage of it today, drop by our meet up! You can access their whitepaper here to be more prepared for our discussion: (purple button on the left)


WELCOME to Hamilton's first-ever Bitcoin and Blockchain meetup!

This is a casual educational networking event suitable to beginners and experts alike. Everyone is welcome.

Thanks to CoMotion for hosting us at their amazing downtown co-working space.

NOTE: We head to 33 Bowen after meetups (around 9:15pm) for drinks and snacks