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Our community welcomes newbies and those curious about the Future of Work and the relevant human competency and character skills in evolving jobs families.

Those embracing this shift in humans skills and the impact of innovation on those skills would find our events thought provoking, eye-opening, enlightening and helpful in the era of careers of mini careers and self reinvention.

We don't wish to tell you who you should be but help you discover new meaning and relevance on who you've become, what fuels your passion and purpose to discover your next act.

Our events offer timely networking and knowledge sharing experiences for individuals and companies interested in the Future of Work, creating unique social experiences and a narrative around 21st century skills, innovation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data, social impact, fintech, infotech, any and all emerging industries and related work families.

Our community seeks to raise awareness so humans come to accept and take action to sustain their personal skills and knowledge base as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Physical social networking fuels network effects, creativity, ignite small passions into big ideas. A return to being human is a vital part of the journey. Our Meetups are designed to help us be human amidst the fast pace of technology and science.

We see the future abundant with infinite possibilities. We invite you to explore that future.

We host discussion forums, workshops, individual self enrichment programs and collaborate with event organizers, local and international firms on the Future of Work and how we all can be engines fueling new and existing businesses and innovation to benefit all stakeholders.

The future is learning how to learn faster, to be curious and excited about learning, always being in beta.

We have hosted and been part of over 40 events touching over 3,000 since 2016.

Welcome to our community. R u ready to embrace an exponential mindset?

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