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Meet other local intuitives, psychics, mediums, divination experts, and tarot readers to discuss psychic survival and growth. We commit to developing our abilities to be of service to others and to making the lives of ourselves and others better. Let's learn to be happy, to find excitement of life - together! Something is telling me now that this work is much needed. And it will be even more on demand at this time (with all kinds of Crisis). Work (service) as a Psychic & Healer, truly unique gift (talent, abilities). Yet, there is a very clear request for a different Psychic and Healing work, really New Paradigm & New Life Psychic appearance. It means to me – that are many more of us (and of people around us) – will suddenly find a need in themselves (and around) – receive The Call (from within and from the Universe) – discover incredible uniqueness of themselves and possibility to chare it with others. We want to learn & will find a happy passion in it and truly inspiring desire to discover and develop more. To find out – at once & to become – WHO WE REALLY ARE. We'll find each other, meet one another in our New Reality, in our New Era of Life.

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