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I grew up in the beautiful wooded hills of Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur till my teens. Somehow, 35 years later, I found myself once again living next to the lush 160 wooded forests of Gasing Hills.

Bukit Gasing, is a beginner friendly hike site for anyone who seeks to venture into hiking and I have been hiking there with my two children since 35 years ago. Kids grew up enjoying the wildlife, forests and flora. We bonded together with nature just as how I bonded growing up at & my Historical Heritage Hike is a personal journey of my life & my most popular Hike.

9 years ago, in search of a healthy quasi-retirement hobby, I began hiking every weekend. However, hiking alone was boring and so I decided to form a group. I founded “Happy Hikers’. A few like-minded outdoor-loving folks joined and we began small hikes at Gasing Hills. Soon the group grew bigger.

Our eager bunch of hikers, consisting of both Malaysians and foreigners became few thousand strong. We soon got bored of the same tracks and ventured out further outside the Klang Valley and climbed several mountains; first was Nuang which stands at 1,493 meters above sea level, followed by Datuk, Bukit Tabur, Pine Tree, Ledang, Rajah, Bunga Buah, Kinabalu, Repin, Kutu, Galla, Irau, Berembun, Hitam, Raka, Brinchang, Jasar, Broga and many other mountains not once anymore but over 8 years, several times each.

Hiking become a family affair, my supportive wife has been with me on the adventures and on her 55th Birthday, she summitted Mt Kilimanjaro. I was leading 45 Climbers at Mt, Halasan Jeju Korea 0n my 60th Birthday! Both my children, who are now working adults are ardent hikers too.

I am proud to say that Happy Hikers have had great adventures (more than a 1,000) among them, Mt Pulag in Manila (twice, Mt Kinabalu, Gunung Agung, Bali, Gunung Ranjani, (thrice) Pangkubang Perahu (twice), Doi Pui, Doi Sutep (Chiangmai-Twice), Mt Fansipan, Vietnam, Mt Fuji, Japan (4times) Mt Homan, Mt Takao, Mt Apo, Philippines, Shiva Puri (Nepal), Hampta Pass, India, Pulchowki, Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, 3 times (going 4th time) & Everest Base Camp which I did 4 times, going 5th!

I also have had hikes all over Europe. Having done many climbs till 6,000 meters, my sights on now on peaks above 7,200 meters in 2023. I never imagined that at retirement age of 63! I could attempt and succeed at such feats.

Hiking builds confidence and self-esteem, which leads to managing issues, business or personal life a breeze. My group members are healthier, fitter, feeling better and are full of enthusiasm and confidence. Together we have made difference in several hundreds of us, with health, friendships, self-esteem & personal growth.

Our hikes are Sundays, Saturdays and Wednesdays, usually lasting for a duration of three to six hours and we organize one or two major hike up a mountain twice a month & overseas every month. I found the morning hikes to be really beneficial. We hardly have any temptations to skip the mornings as opposed to the evening, we may be tired or stressed. In the mornings the mind is fresh and open for any exercise hikes which are technically, walking and climbing that requires no special skills!

What is it in for me? A great start to the day, less stress, better sleep, weight loss, overall muscular strength, increase in brain power, raises good cholesterol HDL levels in blood, lowers LDL or bad cholesterol levels, makes back pain or any pain disappear, boosts immune system, strengthens joints and better sexual health.
Only pain I feel on my local climbs and hikes, I loathe the wanton destruction of nature for development, agriculture and timber. I wonder in generations to come the beauty that we now enjoy would ever exist at the pace the jungle environment is mowed down.

Happy hikers contribute to nature by organizing annual jungle clean up, we have done SEVEN, 8th is soon. Happy Hikers is an Enterprise now, Happy Hikers Kuala Lumpur & being in Government Regulations has since morphed into Lifetime Adventures Holidays SDN BHD, a licensed Travel Agency!

As we all age, I would like to say, embrace the great outdoors, it’s FREE! Only if you hike or simply exercise Any ailments can be kept at bay and one will feel wonderful and years younger; I find that amongst all my holidays, when a nature hike is thrown in, it makes all the positive difference in life, work, family and most importantly health. Go take a HIKE!

Ganesan S Pillay
019 228 6666 or 012 203 8889
Founder & Lead Hike Captain
Happy Hikers Kuala Lumpur


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FULL!!! Asia's TOP! Mt Kinabalu, 5 days 4 Nights, 1 spot Available!

Mt Kinabalu is one of the highest mountain in South East Asia. It’s a craggy, tectonic plateau, technically part of the Bornean Crocker Range, and looms over the surrounding Sabah jungle like something out of Lord Of The Rings**.**

### So, let’s start with the mountain.


Kinabalu is a World Heritage Site, and you’ll pass through several habitats and ecosystems on the way up: steamy Sabah rainforest, Montane grasslands, desolate rock-scrapes and the famous alpine meadows. Keep your eyes peeled too – there are 5,000 types of plants, 326 different birds and over 100 mammal species on the mountain.
Only 135 climbers are allowed on the mountain each day, so it does tend to book up early. For peak season travel, we recommend locking in your spot at least six months in advance.

### What sort of stuff should I pack?


That’s your basics covered. But Mt Kinabalu will require some specialist trekking gear, along with all the common sense stuff (sunscreen, sunglasses, cap etc.). Here’s a few other things you might need.

  • A small backpack for your jacket, drink bottle, snacks etc.
  • A waterproof jacket. It rains on Kinabalu. A lot. Pack a light-weight rain jacket and some waterproof bags for your gear.
  • A head torch. For the morning summit hike (which starts in pitch darkness). You can pick these up easily in Kota Kinabalu.
  • Water bottles. For obvious reasons. Pick a sustainable, re-useable drink bottle.
  • Yummy snacks. Any good trail mix, chocolate or sugary treat will do.
  • Good hiking boots. Make sure you get a pair that support your ankles, and wear them in at least two months before the trip.
  • Thick hiking socks. Dry socks will be your best friend. Pack 3-4 pairs.
  • Earplugs. Accommodation on the mountain is dorm-style. That means snoring.
  • Shorts. At least for the first day, when you’re trekking through muggy rainforests. Bring pants for the summit climb.
  • Money. You won’t need much, but it’s good for tipping porters and buying food.
  • Waterproof gloves. These will keep your digits warm, but they’re also handy for the Via Ferrata.
  • Layers. The big one. Pack some thermal skivvies, light jumpers and a jacket. Layer up or down, depending on temperature.


Borneo sits in the middle of a swirling tropical vortex, so it’s always raining somewhere. Really bad weather can sometimes close the Kinabalu summit The temperatures are mild, the skies are (mostly) clear, and you’ve got a better chance of seeing that marmalade sunrise. Best months are generally March and April, although June to September can be fine too (it just gets very hot).

### Do I need to be fit?


You’ll need a certain base level of fitness: there are many, many, many steps on Mt Kinabalu, not to mention slippery, rain-soaked rocks, uneven terrain and high altitudes (which make breathing tricky). The mountain climb takes two days. On the first day you’ll climb about 6 kilometers worth of steps, up through the lowland jungle, to around 11,000 feet above sea level. The second day is more technical: you’ll get up early and climb to the summit. This stretch is rocky and steep, about 15-20 degrees incline.

Legendary GUNUNG Ledang, 1,276 Meters, Overnight Camping RM375!

Needs a location

Gunung Ledang, Johor
Johor, Johor
Bus Pickup at Ipoh Chicken Rice/ Kanna Curry House Jalan Gasing Petaling Jaya
Gunung Ledang National Park lies just inside Johor's border with Melaka state, about 30 km from the town of Muar.
The park surrounds the fabled Mount Ophir, now called Gunung Ledang (Mount Ledang).
The mountain is 1276m high (4186ft). According to a sign at the entrance to the park, Gunung Ledang is Malaysia's 64th highest mountain and the 6th most difficult to climb, however, as you can see from the more detailed list on myMalaysia Mountains page, Ledang is actually only the 134th highest peak and it does not rank in the top 20 peaks in terms of difficulty.
Be that as it may, it is the highest mountain in Johor stateand its accessible location, being only a couple of hours drive from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, means that it is one of the most popular and frequently climbed mountains in Malaysia.
That does not mean that it is easy to climb. It is a 5 to 6 hour energetic hike to the summit for a reasonably fit person and there are some steep rocky faces to negotiate with the aid of ropes. Accidents happen and there have been some fatalities which is why it is compulsory to engage a guide from the Ranger's office.
The most popular trail from in front of the Gunung Ledang Resort is closed for climbers until further access so when I visited recently I had to content myself with a short 20 minute trek along stone pathways and steps to the Puteri Waterfalls, a cascade of about 60m with pools and a pleasant picnic and bathing area further downstream.
There are other trails to the summit, notably one from the National Park's Office about 5 km from the Gunung Ledang Resort and another from the Melaka side viaAsahan. There is also a road you can drive up almost to the summit which you access through Gate B.
There are various legends pertaining to the mountain involving a magical princess, gold and silver deposits, the famous warrior Hang Tuah and more. It is regarded as a spiritual place. One of the reputed origins for the name Ophir is the Greek word Ofismeaning snake and some say the mountain is guarded by legions of snakes. Thankfully I did not see any snakes during my visit but I did encounter a large monitor lizardscavenging for food scraps in a litter bin. In the process he was scattering rubbish everywhere.
Visitors to Gunung Ledang National Park sometimes complain about the amount of litter around but as this example shows, it is not always the humans who are responsible. Of course the park management should install animal-proof litter bins but, better still, visitors should take their rubbish home with them. For this reason, climbers have to declare all their belongings at the Ranger's office and pay a rubbish deposit of RM20, refundable after the Ranger checks the belongings at the end of the hike.
Besides the monitor lizard I could see the tell-tale digging marks left by wild boars. There were also plenty of birds around, indeed 160 species of birds have been recorded here.
Once upon a time the wildlife at Gunung Ledang National Park was even more exotic. When Alfred Russel Wallace, the famous naturalist who discovered the boundary between the Oriental and Australian zoological regions (Wallace Line), visited Mount Ophir in 1854 he was so enchanted by the place that he spent a week there during which time he noted the presence of tigers, rhinoceros and elephants.

FULL!!! Magic Adventure, Somasir, Lake Toba, Medan 6 D 5 PLUS Airfare RM1,950

Happy Hikers Kuala Lumpur CA[masked]-P is a Registered SSM Company in Malaysia while the parent Company is Lifetime Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd[masked]-P

Happy Hikers KL, CIMB Bank AC Number:[masked]

RELAXING - FREE & EASY- Twin sharing Hotels & Breakfast INCLUDED"

6 Days, at Magic😊SOMASIR, Lake Toba & Medan

RM1,950 - WITH AIRFARES (10th September Dateline Booking Only)

Deposit RM700


1)All Hotels, 5Nites/6Days
2)All Breakfasts
3)All Transport
4)All Guides
5)All Entrance Fees
6)All Ferries
7)All Hikes & Climbs
8)All Waterfalls
9)All Tours
10) Hot springs
11)Boat Cruise with Lunch
12)Cruise Lunch

Lunch & Dinner & Tips (RM50 for 5 Days), on your own

Deposit is RM700 Balance 30 Days before Departure

Tuk Tuk, where the tourists flock

After all the hikes, hot springs and waterfalls, here’s where you come to stay the night. Tuk Tuk is on Samosir island, where all the good resorts, restaurants, and touristy shops are at. Just make sure you catch the last ferry in, or you'll be stuck out for the night!

Simanindo, Samosir Island

Tomok Village, the cultural heritage of the Batak

For a cultural experience, head over to Tomok Village, featuring stunning Batak traditional houses, stone statues, and many historical sites. Learn more about the Batak people, how they live, and bring home a piece of Batak culture.

Tomok, Samosir Island

Pusuk Buhit, where the greens go on forever

One of the volcanic mountains around the area, Pusuk Buhit is a decent hike with an extraordinary view. Make it up to the peak to enjoy the panoramic scenery of Lake Toba and its surroundings that will leave you lost for words.

Close to Pangururan, west of Samosir Island

Somasir, Lake Toba & Medan, Program
Day 1
Plane lands at 4 PM & we Check-in at Polonia 4 Star Hotel
Free & Easy program, Medan is popular for Shopping, Massage & Dance Bars
Day 2
8 Am we checkout after Breakfast & travel towards Lake Toba, a 4 hours Drive via Tebing Tinggi. At Parapat we go on to the ferry to Somasir Island & Check-in into our Hotels. Free & easy Guided walkabout for Magic Mushrooms, Dinner & Night Views.
Day 3
We go on a country Hike to see beautiful Villages, Churches, View of the island, Farms, Batak Museum & Shopping & stop for fresh water Lobsters, Fish & other delicacies of Somasir Island. After noon Guided Tours continues to Batak historical Village & shopping & night Life of the Batak People which is full of Night Joints, Tatoo bars, Western & Eastern foods & Batak People singing & Dancing & of course, Magic Mushrooms.
Day 4
After Breakfast we travel in vans to Pangururan, a small town & after a beach stop, we reach the Trail Head of Pusuk Buhit, 1,950 meters, remnant of the Toba Supervolcano. Climb is optional, 5 Hours up & Down. Non-climbers are taken to an Organic Farm for Lunch.
After Climb, we head for the Hadebaun Waterfalls, a beautiful lovely place & the Journey is really scenic. After waterfalls we head towards a Sulphur Hot springs which has pools for Male & Females. A refreshing hot & deep Cleansing dip with beers & snacks on the side. After this is back to Somasir for the amazing Night life.
Day 5
After Breakfast we go on a PRIVATE Chartered Boat in Lake Toba towards a Huge waterfalls, swimmers needs Life vests, provided & village walks. The boat comes with Cooks, who cook Lunch & Chilled beers & it has a dance party deck with party Music. There will be some masseurs on deck who will give you the traditional Batak Massage. We finish late afternoon at a Market square & have homemade Kampung Chicken Food. Again, we are FREE & Easy for the Night Life & Magic Mushrooms.
Day 6
After Breakfasts, we cross Toba Lake with our Ferries & Travel Towards Medan for some shopping & sightseeing & our Flight Home.

Everyone taking part in the Group activities does so at their own risk. We do not employ qualified guides, leaders or first aiders on some of our events. The group works on the same basis of being a group of friends who go out walking together, who invite others to join them on this basis via Meetup Website.

I am attending the Events/Hikes/Tours at my own risk. I understand that the organizer, co-organizer and/or event hosts will try their best to assist and guide, but are no way responsible, liable or accountable for loss, damage, personal injury, death etc. By clicking the RSVP button & having paid, I acknowledge I have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.

Bangluru-Mysore-Masanagudi-Ooty-C­­onor-Isha-Alepey-Cochin-Flight & Hotel 2,850!

This Trip is ON Schedule, Tickets are BOOKED!

Deposit RM450, Balance Split Monthly- Total with Airfare & Hotels with Breakfast, Coach, Tours, Safaris

Happy Hikers KL, CIMB Bank AC Number:[masked]

Happy Hikers Kuala Lumpur (EB-A[masked]) is a Registered SSM Company in Malaysia while the parent Company is Lifetime Adventure Holidays Sdn Bhd[masked] [masked]-P)

Lunch/Dinner/Visa & Tips not included


Trip is ON scheduled

Balance 30 Days before trip-NO refunds REPLACEMENT Allowed

Last Adventure of 2020, Its a repeat of what we did 5 years ago. Bengaluru-Mysore-Masinagudi-Ooty-Conoor-Coimbatur-Allepey-Cochin.

9 Nights 10 Days

1 N- Bengaluru is Indian's It Hub.
1 N- Mysore, Ancient beautiful Royal City.
2 N- Masinangudi, Wildlife & Animals Safari & Cyril's Twin Homes.
1 N- Ooty-Ancient Hill Station, By Jeep
1 N- Coimbature- Isha (Sathguru) Foundation
1 N- Allipey Boat House.
1 N- Cochin

It will be 3 Stars Hotel, Wildlife resorts are like Teahouses & Tours, Transport, Airfares & Breakfast Included

Excluding, Tipping, Lunch & Dinners, really excotic & cheap.

Destinations To Be Covered: Bangalore – Mysore – Mudumalai – Masanakudi – Ooty-Coimbatore – Alleppey & Cochin
Travel Itinerary
02nd Oct : Arrive Bangalore
On Arrival Transfer to Coach and Proceed to Bangalore City – Check in Hotel – OVERNIGHT AT BENGALURU.

03rd Oct : Bangalore Sightseeing-Mysore
After Breakfast Proceed to Bangalore City Sightseeing Half day. • After Lunch Proceed to Mysore. On Arrival Visit Mysore City Palace • KSR Brindavan Kaveri River Dam. • OVERNIGHT AT MYSORE.
04th Oct : Mysore-Mudumalai-Masanakudi
After Breakfast Proceed to Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary Forest Area. • Stay at Masanakudi. • Overnight stay in Masanakudi.

05th Oct : Sightseeing of Masanakudi
Full Day Masanakudi In Around Forest Area Visit. (at your own cost) • OVERNIGHT AT MASANAKUDI.

06th Oct : Masanakudi - Ooty
After Breakfast Proceed to Ooty. Sightseeing in Ooty.

07th Oct : Ooty -Coimbatore
After Breakfast Proceed to Coimbatore Velliangiri ISHA YOGA Centre. • Visit Aadhi Yogi & Ashram • OVERNIGHT AT COIMBATORE.

08th Oct : Coimbatore - Alleppey
Early Morning 5.30 AM departing to Alleppey. • Enrooted We will have the Packed Breakfast • On Arrival Check in Air con Deluxe Houseboat –Visit Lakes –Backwater • Natures – Kerala’s People’s life with Backwater. • OVERNIGHT AT HOUSEBOAT. • (LUNCH ON BOARD. TEA & SNACKS & DINNER WILL SERVE BY STAFFS )
09th Oct : Alleppey-Cochin
After Breakfast Checkout from the Houseboat and Proceed to Kochi City. • Visit Chinese Fishing Net – Churches –Temples – Sightseeing Places. • OVERNIGHT AT KOCHI.

10th Oct : Cochin
Full Day Sightseeing of Cochin. Day Free for Shopping. Overnight stay

11th Oct : Cochin Departure
After breakfast check out hotel and proceed to day sightseeing. In the evening you will be dropped at Kochi International Airport and depart to Kuala Lumpur by.... Flight

Hotels To Be Used (As per hotel availability only)

| Dates | Destinations | Name of Hotels |
| ----- | ------------ | -------------- |
| 02 Oct | Bangalore | Hotel Bangalore Gate or Similar |
| 03 Oct | Mysore | The Viceroy comforts or Similar |
| 04 Oct | Masanakudi | Safari Land Resort or Similar |
| 05 Oct | Masanakudi | Safari Land Resort or Similar |
| 06 Oct | Ooty | Hotel Lakeview or Similar |
| 07 Oct | Coimbatore | Holiday Residency or Similar |
| 08 Oct | Alleppey | Deluxe House Boat |
| 09 Oct | Cochin | Hotel Abaam or Similar |
| 10 Oct | Cochin | Hotel Abaam or Similar |
| 11 Oct | Cochin Drop In time transfer to airport to board flight back to home |

***Check in & check out time is 12 Noon or as per Hotel policy***

Wildlife sanctuaries in South India are home to over 1225 types of birds, 500 species of mammals and 1600 varieties of amphibians & reptiles & 57,000 types of insects are commonly found. Forests & bird sanctuaries have Tigers, Leopards, Sambar, Antelopes, Elephants and Bison. Prominent species of birds in these wildlife sanctuaries include Crested Serpent Eagle, Malabar Trogon and Malabar Pied Hornbill

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