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Hawk's Hearth is an inclusive, politically neutral kindred of families and individuals (based in Olympia, WA) committed to reconstructing a living spiritual tradition based on indigenous Northern European cultures—in part by honoring the Ӕsir and Vanir, gods and goddesses of the ancient Teutonic peoples. We practice the religion modernly known as Heathenry or Germanic Paganism. We commune with the spirits of the land, our ancestors, and the Old Gods through traditional ritual, offering, and sacrifice. We strive to improve ourselves, our families, our community, and our region in the service of our kinfolk and ancestors.

See our mission statement for more about Hawk's Hearth.

Hawk's Hearth gathers 13 times a year to commune with the ancestors, the Gods, the wights of the land, and each other. We welcome new members, and do our utmost to facilitate a family-friendly, inclusive environment.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT white supremacists, nor do we associate with those who subscribe to such views. We condemn prejudice in any form, including the use of Germanic cultural/spiritual symbols for the advancement of ideological hate.

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Midwinter - Yule

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