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What we're about

HAWKS’ is a meetup for all humans keen to learn and share what makes you feel healthy and happy!

What is it really though?
Each meeting will be structured around 1 Life Affirming Theme led by whomever has an inkling to set the sharing stage. HAWKS’ primary goal is to share and learn healthy lifestyle practices from our neighbors (because googling juice cleanse for the umteenth time is not nearly as fun).

Ok but how does it work?
Members propose themes that you want learn about or lead. Meetings will include discussions, demonstrations, and practical guidance for implementation into your life. All meetups will be FREE unless otherwise stated. Here are some fun examples to get us started.

- Yoga Sun Salutations
- Mastered Morning Routine
- Gardening 101
- Grow these Herbs (indoor and out)
- Essential oils
- 80/20 Moderation Master - The Ultimate Kitchen
- Smoothies, juices, wheatgrass oh my!
- What’s NOT in my kitchen (or belly)
- Favorite Exercise Routine
- Being still - The power of silence
- Dance like no ones watching
- Treat yo self - Spa Favs
- Declutter (with joy :))
- How to NOT be MESSY!
- Cleaning hacks
- Favorite hobby
- Dating ideas and tips
- Family bonding ideas and tips
- Giving back
- How to travel the world (fears debunked)
- Books that rocked my world
- Live music scenes
- Etc, etc

You get the idea! Once we reach 10 members, we will begin organizing events!

Only rule is R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ! There will be no shade throwing in this group, positive vibes only ✌🏻🧘‍♀️🥑

- Mary English

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