“HCx3DP MUps WK": Effective Public Policy in The Age of (HCx3DP) Disruption

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Greetings, HCx3DP Synergists! Welcome to our “HCx3DP Meetups WEEK”---

Effective Public Policy in The Age of (HCx3DP) Disruption---
"Ensuring Local HCx3DP Commerce & Common-Good While Fostering A World-Dominating, Industrial-Segment, Cluster HQ in NYC..."


Panel Participants (as of 15 April 2015):

Andrew O’Shaughnessy, Project Manager, Health Tech, Center for Economic Transformation, New York City Economic Development Corporation (Confirmed.)

Jonathan Askin, Technology Law Professor, Brooklyn Law School; Founder/Director, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic; Innovation Catalyst for the Brooklyn Law Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship. (Confirmed.)

David Solomonoff, President, New York Chapter, Internet Society. (Confirmed.)

Kelly Reilly, Director of Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice, Maimonides Medical Center; Impresario, World's First Mini Maker Faire at a Hospital. (Confirmed.)


Event Details:

Today, New York City possesses all the disparate ingredients necessary to take command of the world’s rapidly developing HCx3DP marketplace. Over the last two and a half centuries, we---as a progressive polity---have regularly gained financial, social, political and hegemonic advantages from “disruptive” technologies. Regardless of their provenance, we have seized tech breakthroughs---from the steamboat to the linotype to high-speed Internet---to create and command new empires of one kind or another.

Now, HCx3DP---Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing---has begun to disrupt business-as-usual across the entire spectrum of our “unhealthy” Healthcare system. What we don’t enjoy NOW is the proactive public policy---whether driven by DIY grassroots activism, C-Suite self-interest, public/private partnership synergies or governmental foresight---required to create the Planet’s HCx3DP Industrial-Segment Cluster HQ HERE. This roundtable will examine ways and means to assure NYC attains the dominant and dynamic position---via a sustainable HCx3DP ecosystem---that can be ours in this key 21C industrial segment.

Now is the time for City players in every sector at this new HCx3DP intersection to join together in commonweal. Our first strategic goal should be to foster an effective HCx3DP Leadership Community here in Gotham. (AND, we invite wide and gainful participation in this novel space by forward-thinking “Honorary NYC Citizens” everywhere: come share the attributes of our HCx3DP Cluster Initiative.) Ultimately, we seek to help coalesce and grow a dynamic Cluster Community that---among other commerce and common-good betterments---will help to (Re)Generate (Middle-Class) Jobs in New York City.


Here are some of the questions, challenges and provocations around which we will organize our Roundtable give-and-take:

· In building a powerful, empowering and effective Cluster Community, what can we learn from other successful NYC Clusters? (Think finance, media, design, fashion, etc.)

· What gurus, leaders and mentors---and from which disciplines---should we seek to involve and imbed in our HCx3DP Ecosystem?

· To advance our Cluster building, how should we foster the widest diversity of appropriate interests and inspirations? (And, what’s “appropriate?”)

· In our age of the tech-engined grassroots and citizen-sci ‘preneurs, what are the best means to empower non-traditional HCx3DP players in the traditionally conservative Healthcare industry?

· If you could choose one major partnering player and/or organization (NOT necessarily from Economic Development) from each tier of government (Borough, City, State and Federal), who/what would you target to "recruit" for our HCx3DP Community?

· Which non-government participants (non-profits, foundations, public/private partnerships, etc.), might make the most powerful HCx3DP team members

· How can we most effectively reach out to---and involve---non-NYC entities (from any sector of our diverse society) for mutual benefit? Should non-US participants be welcomed?

· Should we form an official organization (non-profit, B-Corp, for-profit) to structure this HCx3DP Community/Cluster/Ecosystem effort? Or, rely on a more informal organizing entity (e.g., a Meetup infrastructure)?

· What three steps would you plan---within our HCx3DP Community---to make certain that we alert, attract and influence ‘preneurs and/or startups to come join-in our Ecosystem---for mutual benefit---here in NYC?

· If you could choose one resource to help assure the success of our prospective Cluster-HQ creation, what would it be and why?


Meeting Format: What You Can Expect at this Event---

We’re working hard to keep improving on our Meetup successes. We regularly evolve our agendas as we build value for our audiences---YOU! Our April 15 Meetup will present our typical event features with adjustments. Our Agenda this Meetup now includes:

1. Orientation, Announcements, Evening's Doings [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 5 minutes with a soft start];

2. Audience Self-Intros, Expectations & Wish-Lists [Attendees; 5 to 10 minutes];

3. The Latest Revision of Our “HCx3DP Album of Innovation” (a “DigiDeck” A/V presentation) [Land Grant, 3DP Media; 10 minutes];

4. Roundtable Introduction [LG, Moderator]; Individual Panel Expert self-intros with 5 to ten minute presentations of background & topic opinion/comments; individual panelists may also present via A/V support [Four or Five Panelists; 30 minutes total];

5. Roundtable Discussion [LG, Moderator] with Concurrent, Audience, Real-Time Interleaved Q&A [30 minutes];

6. Audience Polling: Suggestions for Meetup and Community Betterment (e.g., panel topics, experts to recruit, directions we might go, etc.) [15 minutes];

7. Networking | Networking | Networking with light refreshments. [15 minutes + with a soft ending!]

[Total Projected Run-time: 1:45 to 2 hours]

So, fellow HCx3DP Synergists and Guests, mark you calendars---and RSVP online HERE NOW---for our “HCx3DP Meetup NY" of Wednesday, 15 April. And, I pledge to keep you updated as we enhance this evening’s rich program---within our continuing WEEK “suite” of Meetups.


“HCx3DP Meetups WEEK” Overview---

HCx3DP Meetup NY is pleased to present HCx3DP Meetups WEEK. This first-of-its-kind series is an innovative suite of FIVE consecutive, topic-related Meetups. Like all our proven Community get-togethers, these events are designed to showcase innovative thinking, provocative ideas, compelling issues, proactive organizations, key players and better prospective-futures at the new and booming intersection of "Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing" in New York City.

During our WEEK, we will explore a different and novel Meetup topic at each of five HCx3DP-apt locations in NYC. Our topic guides will be the carefully chosen Expert participants in our panels, workshops and round-tables---all hosted by Venue and Event Sponsors.

We pledge that each of our WEEK Meetup Events will delight you. Be in on one---or many!---of the four evenings (starting at 6:30 PM) of April 13 (Monday) through 16 (Thursday). Or, on Friday, April 17, when we will present our last WEEK Meetup---a WEEK wrap-up around HCx3DP Public Policy in New York City---in the late-afternoon (at 3 to 5 PM).

(We are collaborating with MecklerMedia's 3D Print Week New York to alert you---and other important players and parties---to our suite of Meetups during a week {13 thru 17 April} of New York City common-cause in 3DP.)


HCx3DP Meetups WEEK Agenda:

HCx3DP Meetups WEEK is a multi-day series of HCx3DP ("Healthcare Multiplied By 3D Printing") panels to be presented in New York City. We've designed our WEEK Meetups as educational, investigatory, networking and solution-developing forums. They are constructed as moderated, peer-to-peer discussions (among topic-experts, with public and participatory audiences).

Our WEEK Meetups are focused on key segments of the rapidly building New York City and State HCx3DP Community. We're helping to coalesce such Community with events like these. Our suite of WEEK Meetups is designed to foster an on-going, "Big Tent" gathering-in of appropriate---and proactive---players at the ever-growing intersection of Healthcare and 3D Printing.

Our five individual WEEK Events include this Meetup and the four others now available to you from your HCx3DP-Community Home Page here on Meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY (our directly from live links in this Event list below):

Event #1: HCx3DP Fab(bed!) Food Vs. Chronic Disease (http://www.meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY/events/221203424/) (Postponed until June).

Event #2: IncuLabz: Hyper-Incubating LifeSci Startups Via Hybrid Labs (http://www.meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY/events/221213653/) (Postponed until July).

Event #3: HCx3DP 'Preneurship, Venture Funding & Neo-Equality Jobs (http://www.meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY/events/221214156/) (Postponed until August).

Event #4: HCx3DP-Hyper'd Medical Devices (http://www.meetup.com/HCx3DP-NY/events/221214659/)

Event #5: Effective Public Policy in The Age of (HCx3DP) Disruption

Please link to these other Events to enjoy the full palette of HCx3DP options we’re presenting for you in April.

Choose one or more AND RSVP HERE NOW to save your seat...