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The aim of the HDPC is to promote the knowledge and photographic skills of the members and provide a forum for interaction with others of similar interest. We will try to spend many a happy hours together in learning and discussion and at times in awe of a visiting place of interest and have photo shoots.

The HDPC is a group of photographers who meet to share knowledge and experience through presentations, photo competitions, workshops and photo shoots. Our experiences range from novice to master and our tools include both film and digital. In recent years our numbers have increased substantially and our programs have become broader in scope and deeper in content, offering increased potential for learning and growth in skills and abilities. In addition to our regular program of scheduled meetings in Hyderabad, Club members also participate in numerous Field Trips to locations rich in photographic opportunities. A series of Workshops is on offer through which members participate in learning activities in photography and image processing.

All skill and experience levels welcome!

Our club's objectives are:

To increase our creative skills and technical abilities in the craft and art of photography

To share our photographic knowledge and experience with others

To increase our skills, knowledge and ability in the craft and art of photography

To Practice Photography Together and Promote Learning & Social Activities

To make the enjoyment of photography accessible to a wider community

To make Field trips,events and outings on sharing basis.

Reviewing of Latest Technologies in the field of Photography.

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Light Trail Photography - How to Shoot Light Trails, Light Painting...

Hi Shutter Pros...! Long exposure photography is a wonderful emerging niche. While many apply it towards things like skies, water, and stars, there’s another really fun subject matter to play with – moving lights! Simple steps to creating a fantastic light trail image Capturing light trails may look like a difficult technique, but it is in fact very easy to do. It is all about controlling your camera’s shutter speed to capture the movement of light in a long exposure. You can take a light trail photograph using any type of moving light, but a great place to start is with cars. As they move in a continuous and steady manner, you can easily easily create light patterns as they travel through the scene. Follow our simple steps to creating a stunning light trail photograph. Fee: Rs. 200/- Just wait.....for the EVENT...More details Soon....

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