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This is a group for those who would like to take hikes with their best friends. It's an open group so anyone will be able to schedule a hike without me having to do it. Be sure when you schedule a hike with your hound you follow the area's regulations on pets. There are areas such as National Parks and other other aeas which do not allow hounds. Be sure you do your research before scheduling hikes, campouts and other events. Have a good time scheduling your own hound dog events!!!

There are only four things you need to remember:

1. You can't remove a member without going through me first

2. Please do not have members make reservations for an event and then cancel the meetup. There will always be someone who will take your place as an event organizer

3. Do not charge members for an event

4. Always have fun with what your scheduling

It's that easy. If I can schedule events, so can you!!!

Have a good week everybody!!!



Sincerely, Don

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