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Love, joy, happiness, and healing come from within, but they manifest in relation with others. We cannot heal ALONE, as we cannot live alone. Our personal healing is complete only when we have also healed our relations. Our relations with ourselves, others, and the Source heal from within, in the dynamic, continuous interaction with what's without. Very simple indeed: as within, so without; as above, so below; as in One, so in All.

Sound Healing journeys, meditation, Qigong, dance, energy painting, drumming, energy work are all part of healing arts that I work with to address the whole person. Join in if you find my work healing and inspiring; be part of my tribe and stay as long as you feel a sense of belonging; come when you are ready, leave when you need to. Peace and Joy is my signature!

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Sound to Soul. Portals of Healing

Living Lotus Arts Studio

Channeled sound, language of light, and energy healing with shamanic journey on drums, didgeridoos, crystal harp and bowls, handpan and voice. Price: $20 online or at the studio. Online ticket at www.lotuslivingartsstudio.com under workshops and events. A sound journey with Ewanna goes beyond the therapeutic benefits of meditation, vibration sound medicine, or brain regulation through rhythm entrainment. It is an alchemical process of transmuting pain into love. Ewanna immerses herself into the participants' energy, which she spins into sound. As she manipulates sound, she breaks down heavy energy, directs what needs to be returned into the Universe, cleans and purifies what remains, and channels love and light from higher dimensions. It is a cosmic journey into both outer and inner realms, a conscious, active process of Soul restoration and healing. At the physical level, the sound itself is healing through the dynamic frequencies that vibrate with every cell in the body, relaxing muscles, loosing stiffness, and releasing tension and soreness. Specific rhythms bring the brain into a deep theta meditative state where one can access subconscious planes, doing deep healing work in the safety provided by the altered realities created here. Other rhythm patterns are used to stimulate the upper theta waves, with enhanced creativity and access to problem solving and solutions unveiling themselves and rising into the conscious mind as metaphors, images, words, or thoughts seeming inaccessible before. As the sound vibrations gradually penetrate deeper and deeper levels of your body, they help dislocate and release blocked, congested energy perceived as tension, constriction, pain, emotional burden, and others similar. By cleansing and restoring the natural energy flow within your body, you feel rejuvenated, lighter, serene, with a clearer mind and open heart, better aligned with your Soul purpose. Ewanna works directly with the Primordial Light Source, Ancient Ancestors, intergalactic and inner earth beings, journeying as needed between the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds. Depending on what work is happening for you, you may feel bodily sensations, physical and/or emotional release, you may see images and colors, hear additional sounds, smell scents, journey yourself between realms, or you may just rest in a deep meditative state. Trust the process, let go of expectations, and allow the healing to happen. You are safe. What to bring: mat, blanket, pillow, water bottle, and whatever you need to feel comfortable on the floor. Limited yoga mats and blankets available at the studio. Ewanna is a Creator Being, Multidimensional Soul Healer, using energy, sound, and Cosmic Shamanism to facilitate deep healing for the total being. With a background education and practice in medicine, psychology, experiential psychotherapy, Tai Chi and Qigong, she intertwines elements of science with the ancient, shamanic healing techniques, embracing a holistic approach in her work.

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Sound to Soul. Portals of Healing

Living Lotus Arts Studio

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