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Nyanpasu~! (Or Tutturu~, depending on your preferred genre.)
Are you an English speaker who really loves anime / manga / light novels / cosplay / JRPGs but have no idea where to find people with similar interests in HK who can talk about series and character names in their English (Japanese) readings?
Do you want to meet people to
- gush about that latest episode/chapter that ended on a freaking cliffhanger?
- break down that new series on Novelupdates or J-Novel Club?
- share tips on your cosplay for the upcoming ACG or C3?
- double team that monster on Monster World?
Well, if you're reading this description, then I would venture to guess that you are at least one of those things.
In which case, I can't promise you a hundred friends, but at least we can start a WhatsApp group where you can argue with someone else about why their ship is shit. (No I'm just kidding, please keep things civil.)
In terms of actual events, I'm thinking maybe anisong karaoke meetups and anime series binges and maybe the occasional dinner, but I welcome any and all suggestions.
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2019 Anime(&ther stuff) Convention!!!

Wan Chai MTR Station, Exit A5

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