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In Hong Kong, where the entrepreneurial scene is almost as varied and spectacular as our landscapes. With businesses of all sizes and all kinds launching almost daily, the opportunities for young women (age 25-35) with an enterprising spirit are endless.

This group is dedicated to building a platform for young women who are innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, developers, educators, community members and more, with community, a powerful network and resources to fuel your current or next professional endeavor.

Welcome all ladies who have started their own business, who have plans to startup, or simple want to know more ladies with an enterprising spirit.

We mainly speak Cantonese and please let us know if you need to bring along kids and your spouse =)


我們致力於打造年輕女性,無論你是創新者,技術專家,企業家,開發商,教育工作者,社區成員,或是想認識更多平台,我們將建立專屬女士的社區,手日一一個強大的網絡和資源,以推動您的現職或下一個專業努力。 此群組歡迎已經開始自己的業務/生意的年青女士、有計劃開始生意,或只是簡單的想要知道更多進取女士及其創業精神。

我們主要討論的語言是廣東話,如果你需要帶孩子和配偶來的,請預早通知 =]

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