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Meet UFO enthusiasts , investigators , witnesses. Discuss topics related to our universe : -The scientific study of UFOs and other unexplained Aerial phenomena -Astrobiology and the search for life in the universe. -The search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence(SETI) -The search for extra Solar planets -Psychology -Mythology and Skepticism -Philosophy -the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society -space travel -Astronomy -Theoretical physics -Alien Abduction phenomenon -Famous unexplained UFO Cases Discuss Some of the Latest UFO stories, sightings, documentary films ,... Discussions provide an opportunity to learn , socialize with "like minded" people and ...are a lot of Fun ! Whether you are a "believer", a "skeptic", or dont know anything about the subject, ...you are very welcome to join the group. ************************************************************ we have a lot of materials and links posted on our "Message Board" for you to read, especially under "Info to Share". You are also welcome to post any material in Chinese. Most of our organizers live in the US and Hong Kong, but we would like to share and exchange our knowledge with all of you. I will soon set this group 'private', so you will have to JION our group in order to read this webpage. Please take a moment to click 'Join'.

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