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This group is all about sharing information on how to retain and improve your health naturally, prevent illnesses or even heal them. You might be thinking “eh, another alternative medicine hocus-pocus…” – but, HLBS, a cutting edge European health research and product development venture could not be farther from the new age miracle product marketers we are all too familiar with.

Our goal is to introduce this worldwide research and results-based network to those who are interested in learning about healthy eating habits, quality nutritional supplements, about the awesome effects of the humic acid – and the business opportunities within them. The essence of the HLBS philosophy is “To gain knowledge and be dedicated to use it to improve the health of others, making both our own lives and other people’s lives better.”

We are the official HLBS meetup group in California, based in the San Francisco Bay Area – however, we are active across the United States. We’re not only planning to hold local HLBS meetups and talks, bring guest speakers, etc. but will also bring together and expand HLBS-focused communities in other US cities.
Please feel free to join - and don’t hesitate to message us with any questions or ideas.

Hope to see you soon in one of our meetups online or in person!

Best in health,

Eta Dobos

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