What we're about

WE Have A Higher Purpose!

The physical world is a reflection of the spiritual world.

Most of us aren't able see the spirit like you can see the "physical", you need heighten qualities for that...

Though we all have these qualities and abilities, not everyone is ready for that...


This group is for those who are starting to wake up and are looking for answers (or maybe you're already woke and you're looking for a group to share and discuss your thoughts and ideas with).

Here we will learn...

• How to communicate with the universe.

• Recognize signs and notice coincidences around you.

• How to trust your intuition and follow it.

• Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing and other Alternative Healing methods.

• How to reconnect with Earth.

• Law of Attraction.

• Understanding Spiritual Guidance.

In this group we won't practice the lows of the universe, we will go above it...

It's known today that we create our reality and many use the law of attraction and/or other spiritual laws to create the reality they want. We have the option to do that, however there is something the universe want to create through us and as long as we are busy with what "I want" from the physical realm we won't get to what the soul that "I AM" want to be or to create (and as long as the soul is not doing her/his thing on earth you won't get to the divine peacefulness that you deserve...health, comfort, happiness & wealth).

If you are ready to let go of everything you think you know, even if you are just open to the idea of it, Join us! We are going to grow, expand and have lots of fun on this journey together:-)

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