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#HNLondon, October 2013

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Dmitri G. and Stevie B.


We are back with some more geeky goodness on Weds, 23rd Oct. As always you can expect some great tech talk from London's top engineering and entrepreneurial talent along with a mountain of beer and pizza.

The plan:
18:30 - Beers and pizza
19:00 - Sponsors and introductions by Andrea Hubert
19:15 - Ian Ozsvald: High Performance Python: Techniques for achieving C and Fortran speeds when number crunching
19:35 - Harry Marr: Docker - The Future of Application Deployment
19:55 - break
20:15 - Marco Cecconi: Architecture of StackOverflow -- the TL;DR
20:35 - Sleepyfox: Refactoring: People
21:00 - pub

Apologies, if you were looking forward to the talk by Rodolfo Rosini. Due to some terrible planning in part, he is not actually in the country today. He will be joining us at another event soon.

Sadly Sanderson Jones is away on tour promoting Sunday Assembly. Our compere for the evening will be the brilliant Andrea Hubert.

HNLondon is proudly supported by:

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Central Foundation Boys School
Cowper Street · London
How to find us

Go through the big gate on Cowper St, inside courtyard head left and go in via the second set of steps on left

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