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This group is for people in the New York City, New Jersey, Upstate NY and surrounding areas that like to stay fit, be active and explore new places while having fun and meeting new people at the same time! Events range from Hiking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Rock Scrambling, Caving, Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting, Zip-lining, Obstacle Course Mud Runs, Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Mountain Biking, Road Biking and Trail Running just to name a few. We are also open to suggestions of other activities you might like to see offered and we welcome new leadership that might help us expand our offerings to the group. From time to time we may also offer additional activities that may include Educational Workshops, Trips to Galleries & Museums, Urban Exploring, Meeting for Drinks (Socials), Salsa Dancing, Dining out and a wide variety of other possibilities.

Going on trips with like-minded friends is always more fun, and you'll find them here. We are a friendly, outgoing and quirky bunch who like to challenge ourselves and have a good time while doing it. Our group sizes tend to be smaller here compared to other meetups, but we feel you get to know people better and have a safer experience as a result. We welcome diversity, folks who can laugh and people who respect nature and all the beauty it has to offer us!

We do our best to keep our calendar busy with random and fun trips. Click Here (http://www.meetup.com/HOAGies/events/) to check out our Events Calendar. These trips include day outings, weekend road trips, vacations and other cross posted events with other similar meetup groups.

There is NO required membership cost for our group. If an event should require a fee, itwill be clearly stated in the description. If you're happy with the experiences you share with us we'd love for you to use the Chip In feature to help us offset the cost of hosting our group on Meetup.com. If If you'd like to give back to our group please follow this link: https://secure.meetup.com/HOAGies/contribute/

PROFILE PICTURE: When you apply for membership, please remember to post a recognizable picture of yourself so that we can identify you at our events. This helps both event hosts keep track of participants and attendees to recognize each other. It's also a safety measure if a participant ever goes missing from the group so we can get help finding you using your photo. This picture does not have to be a passport quality photo but we ask that you refrain from cartoon characters, nature shots with no subject, shots with multiple people of the same gender, shots from behind and shots where your face is mostly covered. Our members feel a lot more comfortable meeting and coordinating rides with real people that they can identify. If your membership is rejected please don't take it personally. You can re-apply anytime and will be approved once our criteria is met. Your application will be rejected if these requirements are not met.

GUEST POLICY: Unless otherwise specified in the event, guests are usually not allowed on events. If you wish to bring a guest please have them join the group, RSVP just like any other member and read the trip description and liability waiver. If your guest is on the wait list please message the event host and we will make every effort to accommodate them. This policy insures that guests are aware of the requirements for the trip they wish to participate in and that they agree with our liability waiver.

RSVP ETIQUETTE: Unless otherwise noted in the event description; we generally request if your plans to attend an event change, that you update your RSVP to "NO" at least 48 hours prior to the event so that members on the waitlist (if applicable) may have sufficient time to plan and take your spot. If you RSVP "YES" to an event and don't show we most likely will just edit your RSVP to didn't go if there are no members on the waitlist. If, however, there are members on the waitlist and you are a "NO SHOW" you will be noted as such. Members that accumulate "NO SHOWS" may not have the same chances of getting off a waitlist as members who are in good standing. Members on the list as "GOING" who have "NO SHOWS" may also be moved to the waitlist at the discretion of the event host to make room for members in good standing. We realize that some folks may sign up to multiple meetups on the same date to try to secure a spot with their friends. If this is the case, please reach out to the event host and we will try to accommodate your friends if/when possible. We once again ask that you please make a final decision within 48 hours unless otherwise noted.


- When attending our events we ask that you follow these 3 simple rules:

- Please Leave Nothing but Footprints

- Take Nothing but Pictures

- And Waste Nothing but Time

Members who don't show a respect for our venues may be asked to leave the group. We ask that if you show your favorite spots to others that you teach them to respect these places as well!



As a participating member, you certify that you are responsible for having appropriate skills, physical conditioning, equipment and supplies to participate in events that you chose to attend.

Activities can involve certain risks, hazards and dangers that can cause or lead to injury, property damage, illness, mental or emotional trauma, paralysis, disability or death to participant or others. Some, but not all of these risks, hazards and dangers include: hazardous and unpredictable ground, water or weather conditions; misjudgments made by Organizers, Assistant Organizer, leaders, co-leaders, participants or others; travel in remote areas that can cause potential delays or difficulties with transportation, evacuation and medical care; equipment that can fail or malfunction; the potential that the participant or others (e.g. co-participant, driver, medical and rescue personnel) may act carelessly or recklessly.

Participation in activities is strictly voluntary and members assume all risks in connection with activities; per Meetup.com's Terms of Service Agreement https://www.meetup.com/terms/ Organizers and hike/trip leaders are released from any and all forms of liability related to events. Additionally, participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The NY Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Group allows outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to participate with one another in recreational events with like minded people.

This group is not a guide service nor should event organizers be regarded as guides. We are all outdoor enthusiasts and regular people like yourself.

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WORMTOWN Music Festival 2019

Camp Kee-wanee

A lot of folks who attended the Weekend in the Catz events expressed serious interest in attending this music festival together. The music is good, the vibe is great and the woodland camping area is magical with decorations; especially at night. This festival is unique in that the gates are always open, so folks can leave and return at any time. This is great for making food and beer runs. Its also great for exploring the surrounding area during the day. I will take anyone interested in exploring to some beautiful swimming holes nearby, in pristine river waters; and even on an easy scenic hike. Those who want a more strenuous hike for the weekend can plan to do Mt. Greylock (1.25 hrs away) or the Holyoke range or Mt. Tom (both 30 min away). Folks who don't mind spending more money for the weekend can opt to do whitewater rafting/tubing on the Deerfield River (30 min away) or ziplining. The main activities of the weekend will be glamping, exploring the festival grounds and vibing to good music together. Thursday night is optional but great for grabbing a good tent site. I will arrive Thursday and try to grab as big of a tent site as possible so we can all camp together. However I'll probably need someone else to help hold such a large space down. Most folks will arrive Friday. https://wormtownmusicfestival.com/ Wormtown is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional music and arts celebration! This will be a place for harmony amongst joyful adventurers. We will be uniting for three days and two nights of amazing music, art, dance, participatory shared experience on 200 acres of private land in the beautiful Pioneer Valley. Wormtown will entice and thrill you with a seemingly endless selection of musical performers. Get ready to dance, play, sing, and interact with your fellow members of the Wormtown community. The woodland campsite art of our community is a bedrock of the event, mingling with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual climate of the three day joy-fest. We want all participants to create art in their own way and invite the people of this gathering to feel free to express themselves openly, respectfully and lovingly. Activities There are different group activities to nurture body, mind and soul in natural, healthful ways. The Holistic Village hosts educational and lifestyle-enhancing activities such as Kung Fu, sound healing, medicinal plant walks, “Featured Talks” on a variety of subjects, and much more. Look for beautiful and hypnotizing fire spinning performances every night at Wormtown Music Festival during main stage performances and around the campfire! The Wormtown Fire Tribe is also very welcoming to newcomers – wanna learn something new? Don’t be afraid to ask! Camping WOODED TENT CAMPING IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR TICKET. Spots are selected on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to join us early, starting Thursday (NO EARLIER THAN 3PM) to setup your campsite and see some early music. Thursday Early Admission runs from 3pm to 9am Friday morning, when general admission opens. Tents Down by 4pm on Sunday. Cars are not allowed in the campgrounds so you must park and carry your gear. PRO WORM TIP: Grab a tarp or your tent and use it claim your spot when you find it, then go back for the rest of your stuff. Many newcomers make the mistake of wandering around with loads of stuff while they look for a good spot. Porto-potties are available throughout camping and are cleaned regularly. There is potable water available and Camp Kee-Wanee sells ice. Coolers and grills are ok to bring, and there are lots of food vendor options. No open fires! No glass bottles. Coolers are okay. Once gates open, they do not close. You can come and go as you please. Please do not remove your bracelet. Tickets Tickets for the event are sold on a tiered pricing system. We encourage you to buy tickets early to guarantee you get one and to save money! https://wormtown.com/product/2019-wormtown-music-festival/

Kilimanjaro- Africa's highest mountain-The Umbwe Route

John F. Kennedy International Airport

The Umbwe route is not a technical route, but it is a very direct, very steep, very tough, and in parts very exposed route. To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro you have to do some planning and some preparation. Planning and preparation are crucial to the success of a Kilimanjaro climb! Planning and preparation will determine how much you enjoy, or not, the whole trek, from start to finish. Five days is the absolute minimum duration for a Kilimanjaro trek, six is better. For the popular Machame route six days is the minimum, seven days is recommended. Taking an extra day for acclimatization will greatly improve your chances to reach the summit. There are longer treks available for those who can afford them Selecting your trekking agency/climb operator Mount Kilimanjaro is protected by the Kilimanjaro National Park. Access is restricted and the steep Kilimanjaro park fees make a Kilimanjaro climb rather expensive. How to Prepare for you Kilimanjaro Adventure You need to do some preparation before you can climb Kilimanjaro: •You need to book your flights. •You need to organize your visa. •You need to get the required vaccinations. •You need to buy or rent the necessary equipment. •You need to get yourself into shape. Booking your flights The closest airport to Mt. Kilimanjaro is, yep, Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO). Kilimanjaro Airport is situated half way between Arusha and Moshi, and most people land there. Mt. Kilimanjaro itself is closer to Moshi. Many trekking agencies are located there, though you also find a good number in Arusha. (Arusha is also the "safari capital" of Tanzania and the gateway to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire etc.) If you are planning an extended Tanzania trip you may also want to fly to/from one of the other main airports in the area: Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar or even Nairobi. Organizing your visa You need a visa to enter Tanzania and a passport that's valid for at least another 6 months. If your country of residence does have a Tanzanian embassy, phone them or check their website to find out how to obtain your visa. If your country does not have a Tanzanian embassy, you can buy a visa upon arrival in Tanzania. Getting your vaccinations You may need a yellow fever certificate and there are a number of other vaccinations recommended. Some of them need to be started months in advance, so talk to your doctor soon. Depending on your travel plans you may also want to take anti-malaria medication. Talk to your doctor about it. Organizing the necessary equipment If you booked with a quality operator then quality camping equipment is included in the price. Many Kilimanjaro tour operators also offer other gear for rent, gear that you may not want to purchase for one time use only or may not want to lug around Tanzania on an extended trip. Equipment you can often rent includes down sleeping bags, insulation pads and down jackets. Beyond that you will also need very good quality, thermal under and upper layers of clothing, gloves, warm hat, good sunglasses, sunscreen (for the lips, too!), a day pack, rain protection for everything, water bottles/camel back and more. Most importantly you need high quality hiking boots and they need to be well broken in! Here is a link to list of essential Kilimanjaro equipment https://www.mountkilimanjaroguide.com/kilimanjaro-equipment.html Packing List Link https://www.mountkilimanjaroguide.com/kilimanjaro-packing.html Getting yourself into shape No special expertise or mountaineering equipment. That sounds easy but isn't! Read about training for Kilimanjaro and beating altitude sickness on Kilimanjaro. TO BOOK YOUR TRIP-Mention my name to do the hike as a group. Contact information Himalayan Wonders Nick Fabbri T:[masked] E: [masked] W: www.trekkinghero.com

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