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This group is for you if • You want to learn how to be healthy and stay healthy by natural means • You appreciate experts and professionals, but you'd really like to have a say in your own health! • You want to hear speakers talk about the latest ideas about how the universe, and our bodies and minds, work • You believe there are better, more holistic ways of healing other than drugs or surgery, and / or • You want to meet like-minded souls. This group will also have study groups for those who want to study a topic more deeply and to do so in a social setting. I also will present speakers who can share their professional knowledge (an M.D. who likes alternative, natural methods), their amateur love of something (a pickllng expert? someone who loves to make tempeh and tofu? someone who is an expert about the practical use of quantum physics?), and/or their personal healing experience ("I got cancer, and here's how I cured it without chemotherapy"). I personally know and hope to get Tom Monte, John Kozinski, Michio Kushi, and / or Rodd Stockwell, M.D. as early speakers. Who would you like to listen to? Perhaps YOU could be a speaker, if you have an area of expertise or are a professional in some health-related or consciousness-related field. Health professionals could give informative talks that would be educational as well as introduce your business. Meetings will range from a low or no-cost meeting where a few of us gather to read a chapter from some interesting book together and then talk about it, up to a more expen$ive all-day seminar with some nationally renowned authority. When you join, please answer the new member questions and tell us about yourself. Fee free to email me with requests, and also if you have a large enough home and would like to host a meeting. Thanks, Paul G. >>About me, your group organizer, if you are curious: I changed my diet and thinking back in 7th grade in 1967 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now it’s about 40 years later, I’ve been living in the Boston area for years, and I’m still eating a whole foods diet and continuing to develop my understanding of medicine, the human bodymind, life in general, universal law, and how to experience love and freedom. I earn my living by producing educational and transformative meetings, and by being a handyman and carpenter as well. I have learned and benefited a lot from my studies in macrobiotics, acupuncture, holistic health, emotional healing, psychology, human potential movement, Landmark Education, Process Oriented Psychology, various therapies and counseling (including Re-Evaluation Counseling, or Co-Counseling, Voice Dialogue, coaching, Guided Self Healing, etc.); Men’s Work, David Deida, Alan Watts, Tom Monte, Dr. Andy Hahn, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra. TTYL, PG

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Casual Meetup to Discuss Health,Health Ideas, Health Approaches and So On.

Topics are open to health related: Nutrition, Fitness, Cooking, Technology, GMOs, etc. Anything that helps you reach health can be on the table. Intending the mood to be casual. Allowing folks to share info and ideas. Come if you share the same vision.

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