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In order to prevent the degradation of nature and protect the diversity of life, we know we must all work to protect the many habitats that cover the earth. The Habitat Protection Project believes that this goal of habitat protection can be achieved by focusing on one habitat at a time. To this end we encourage people to care for their local areas by taking part in regular habitat cleanups.

The HPP Meetup Group gives people an opportunity to get involved in the cleanup of a natural site in south-west B.C. Cleanups typically take 2 hours and involve picking up a variety of waste – including metal, plastic, paper and glass. Participants need to wear suitable clothing and bring a pair a work gloves. Compostable bags for collection and other supplies are provided. Habitat cleanups are a great way to make a direct difference in our local environment. Kids definitely welcome!

The HPP Meetup Group also presents films with an environmental focus. These films will be of interest to many in the community and, like the cleanups, are a great way to meet people who share your interests.

For more information on The Habitat Protection Project and to learn more about our activities visit our website at www.habitatprotectionproject.org. You are also welcome to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @thehabitatprotectionproject.

We are always happy to hear your suggestions about sites that need a cleanup and the names of films or speakers that will be of interest to our community. Please contact us at habitatprotectionproject@gmail.com.

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Film Presentation: "Tomorrow"

North Shore Unitarian Church

Cleanup at end of Mason Road, Sechelt

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