Measure this: Employee Experience

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The concept of Employee Experience (EX) is gaining momentum and it is being used as a broad umbrella for different transformations. The EX scope is broad, the definitions vary, the expertise in this domain is emerging, but there is a set of core goals - to provide employees with a more personalized approach to their daily work, to create productive connections between teams, to positively impact the productivity, retention and talent attraction. There are many related questions that we are hoping to tackle during our event:

- What is really EX? Is it different than Engagement or other constructs we've been using to understand the sentiment of our workforce?
- Who is responsible for creating a great EX? Is it HR? Digital/CIO, Communications/Brand, Space Planning? All of the above?
- What are the early examples of creating a great EX? What companies have made progress in this space and have early insights to share about their journey?
- What technologies are out there that enable both the creation as well as the measurement of employee experience?
- What mindsets and skillsets are needed for the organization to fully embrace EX?
- Most importantly - how do you measure the success of your EX transformation?

We are assembling a great multidisciplinary panel to foster the dialogue, also planning some fun activities so you can immerse yourself in the topic and we are hoping we will jointly co-create a new perspective on how you measure EX.

HR Analytics and technology have been growing incredible fast in the last few years, helping organization to make sound decisions on people strategy and giving the opportunity to the business to integrate the voice of the employees into people practices enhancements or changes. I think we have a unique opportunity to further shape this space with the right questions, insights, stories and everything else that all of us, as analytics practitioners, believe in!

Your ideas matter, your experience matters - share it!

Thank you to Speakap and Peakon for sponsoring us to make this event very special for you!

Hope you join us to be part of this discussion!
Stela, Paula, Jeremy, Philip, Bennet, Dan, Ian