AI in the workplace: EEO Implications and the role of People Analytics

New York Strategic HR Analytics Meetup
New York Strategic HR Analytics Meetup
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AI adoption has accelerated. It is safe to assume that many of our community members work for an organization that has implemented AI, or is involved in a project to implement such solutions, or perhaps even involved in developing one. We had several conversations on the topic of algorithmic responsibility and transparency. As more AI solutions are used for employment/HR/workplace related decisions and processes, there is a bigger urgency to engage in a conversation about the legal and employment rights implications of such decisions.

Join this discussion where we have a unique opportunity to speak with the US EEOC Commissioner Keith Sonderling about the legal and regulatory implications of AI adoption for employment decisions, the role of HR to influence the selection and application of such solutions across the employee lifecycle, and the importance of People Analytics professionals to be educated and educate their stakeholders about the need for transparency, ethics, privacy and explainability, bias and other related consideration