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HRHotSeat (formerly the Chicago HR Mastermind) is for anyone who is convinced that there are better ways to attract, onboard, retain, recognize, reward, and develop the people who matter most to our businesses.

In short, we are an inclusive mastermind community of real HR pros solving real HR problems.

OUR MEMBERSHIP... includes company-based HR practitioners of all levels and specialties, as well as consultants, service providers, business owners, students, and pros in transition who desire to stay on top of current HR trends, strategies, best practices, and resources. (NOTE: Members are preferred to have current/previous HR practitioner experience.)

OUR MISSION... is to move the human resources discipline forward together, propelled and inspired by a collaborative environment of trust, support, honesty, integrity, and respect.

OUR GOAL... is to establish a community of HR pros who are committed to helping one another grow, build, innovate, achieve, and serve.

OUR MEETINGS... offer members the opportunity to network, present challenges, share insights, and brainstorm solutions -- all within the unique context, format, and structure of a traditional peer-oriented mastermind group (as discussed in the book Think and Grow Rich (http://amzn.to/2ytt7kH) by Napoleon Hill).

OUR SPONSORS... support our efforts, educate our members, and provide access to valuable, high-quality products and services that align with our mission and goal. Browse our sponsorship opportunities (http://HRHotSeat.com/sponsorship) for additional information on sample member demographics.

"What can I expect from a future HRHotSeat Meetup?"

1. Members will take turns introducing themselves by name, profession, and company/industry.

2. Members may break up into multiple groups, promoting accessibility and participation.

3. Members identified to sit in the HRHotSeat will present a real-life, HR-related, non-commercial personal or professional challenge on which they would like feedback from the group. An example might include, "I've run out of ideas on where to find qualified candidates." Another example might be, "I've recently been promoted into a leadership role and need to learn how to communicate more effectively with my team."

4. The group will offer potential solutions, resources, connections, and ideas for immediate progress.

5. Time will be provided for general networking and digging more deeply into feedback shared.

"Where do HRHotSeat Meetups take place?"

A variety of HRHotSeat chapters (http://HRHotSeat.com/chapters) host Meetups in their local communities. Between Meetups, members gather in our online Slack group (http://HRHotSeat.com/slack) to continue the actionable conversation.

"How much does it cost to attend HRHotSeat Meetups?"

There is no cost to attend our monthly Meetups. HRHotSeat chapter leads are committed to providing members with a fee-free, educational, hands-on networking experience unlike anything else that is currently available. From time to time, valuable pop-up events may be scheduled for which an admission fee may apply.

"Can I launch a new HRHotSeat chapter?"

Absolutely! We are actively seeking entrepreneurially-minded individuals who are eager to convene an HR audience of their own. Chapter leadership can help you grow your network, establish authority, and expand your influence in the HR space. See our licensing page (http://HRHotSeat.com/licensing) for more information.

"How can organizations benefit from the mastermind concept?"

In addition to supporting individual HRHotSeat involvement, organizations have benefitted from learning how they can create internal masterminds to encourage more inclusive collaboration and problem-solving strategy.

"What if I'm currently a student, in a job transition, and/or looking to move into HR?"

As long as you have an interest in human resources and a heart of service, you will fit right in! Attend our next Meetup to learn more about available job opportunities (http://HRHotSeat.com/jobs) and make the meaningful connections that get you hired.


This community may be just what you've been looking for.

Contact HRHotSeat founder Erich Kurschat (http://www.linkedin.com/in/erichkurschat) to find out how you can get involved today!

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Think entrepreneurially at HRHotSeat Chicago Meetup 31!

RSVP today for HRHotSeat Chicago Meetup 31! (More on this month's host, TechNexus, here... http://TechNexus.com) NOTE: Arrive by 5:30pm with hard copies of your resume to receive valuable feedback from our Transition Ambassadors... or leave a copy behind after the Meetup to have someone follow up with you! This program is valid for 1.0 PDC toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification. Sponsorship opportunities (http://HRHotSeat.com/sponsorship) are available to companies wishing to support this and other events. I can't wait to welcome you for another memorable evening of meaningful connection and actionable conversation. Erich (https://www.linkedin.com/in/erichkurschat) ----- SPECIAL REQUEST Your RSVP puts several wheels into motion, including space, materials, snacks, and even waitlists. Event "no shows" come at a financial cost to Meetup organizers and sometimes prevent others from attending in your place. We understand that plans change! If you become unable to attend for any reason, please let us know ASAP by changing your RSVP, leaving a comment, or contacting me directly. ----- WAITLIST Members who end up on a waitlist will automatically be moved to the attendee list (and notified via Meetup.com) if/when space opens up. Entry is not guaranteed for anyone not on the official attendee list. ----- SPREAD THE WORD Let others know that you're attending by posting the following to social media... LinkedIn: Just RSVP'd to join Erich Kurschat (Harmony Insights) & other #HR pros at TechNexus on 2/12! #HRHotSeat HRHotSeat.com Twitter: Just RSVP'd to join @HarmonyInsights & other #HR pros at @TechNexus on 2/12! #HRHotSeat HRHotSeat.com Facebook: Just RSVP'd to join @HarmonyInsights & other #HR pros at TechNexus on 2/12! #HRHotSeat HRHotSeat.com ----- WHAT TO EXPECT 1. The facilitator will introduce all attendees to the history, format, recent news, and current sponsors of the HRHotSeat Chicago inclusive mastermind community. 2. We will divide into smaller groups. 3. Select attendees will be invited to describe real-life HRHotSeat challenges that they currently face. Each group will then brainstorm questions, solutions, ideas, resources, and connections to help solve the presented challenges. NOTE: HRHotSeat challenges must be submitted/approved in advance of the upcoming Meetup. Please take a moment to review the HRHotSeat Criteria (http://HRHotSeat.com/criteria) and include your challenge with your RSVP or contact me directly if you would like to benefit from the HRHotSeat! 4. All attendees may reconvene for a brief recap of HRHotSeat challenges presented and closing thoughts from the facilitator. Remaining time may be spent networking or talking further about the presented challenges. ----- TIPS FOR SUCCESS 1. Always bring photo ID with you (matching your full first and last name as displayed in your Meetup.com profile) to HRHotSeat Meetups, in case required by building security. 2. Arrive on time to get the most out of the Meetup and honor your fellow attendees. 3. Participate! Mastermind conversations are only valuable to the extent that attendees involve themselves in the process of presenting and solving challenges. 4. Bring business cards to share with fellow attendees. 5. Invite fellow HR professionals to register for HRHotSeat Chicago and attend the upcoming Meetup with you! Diversity of attendee background, experience, expertise, and perspective makes for the best possible mastermind conversation. NOTE: All guests are asked to register and RSVP in advance so that building security may anticipate their arrival. ** By submitting your RSVP and/or attending the upcoming Meetup, you agree to allow the Meetup Organizer the right to capture and use images of you, or your likeness, in future HRHotSeat promotional materials. **

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