Structured and Purposeful Talks with our Team members

This is a past event

23 people went


Since forever February and March were "Annual development talks" times. Some were looking forward to it, for others it was a burden. Managers are still complaining it takes a lot of time to conduct all the necessary talks.
This is old news, of course.

Times are changing and new trends are saying we should conduct talks with our team members more often. New generations are expecting feedback in a very prompt manner. And new ways of working demand it.
On our next meet up we would like to share good practices of how we are conducting talks with our employees, what kind of talks, but most importantly, why we do them and what is the purpose of each structured talk.

For the beginning, @Florjan Bartol, VP Engineering at Zemanta, will share his model of well structured talks with his team members.
Currently leading a team of 25 developers, Florjan started as a software engineer and gradually transitioned to engineering management after becoming fascinated with the people side of software.