HRT Holiday Fete


I have reserved about 20-24 places at the Stripers restaurant downtown at Waterside. The dinner is at 7:00 pm (1900 for you military types).
The dinner is pay as you go but expect a %20 gratuity. The sea food here is really good but you can pick from the whole menu.
Here's the important part I have to have an RSVP list in No Later than the 1st. So RSVP here or on the Facebook page. I will post the RSVP list after Thanksgiving so make sure you check back.
Here is a link to the restaurant and menu choices. I recommend the Mermaid Water. 🧜

I am the lead on this, so contact me with any questions.

So, Dress up, bring dates or Significant Others if you want. Most of all have fun and celebrate you and the season.