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We are over 800 people joined by the high sensitive trait. In the research literature this trait is called sensory processing sensitivity. We, as HSP's, experience and process the world differently than 80% of the population. We have sensitive nervous systems which take in more information and process information more thoroughly. Wondering if you are highly sensitive? Take this self test (http://hsperson.com/pages/test.htm), researched and validated by Elaine Aron, the founding mother of the HSP trait. Or read this overview of the trait: "Highly Sensitive People, Bet You Know One" (http://www.bewellworld.com/article.cgi?id=Psychotherapy_3301)Or watch the new documentary "Sensitive: The Untold Story" ($4.99 to rent, $9.99 to purchase) And now a second movie, a feature film, "Sensitive and in Love" (6.99 to rent, $12.99 to purchase) HERE. (http://sensitivethemovie.com/)

Are you new to recognizing yourself as a highly sensitive person? READ MORE HERE (http://www.marykayparkinson.com/You_Are_Too_Sensitive_.html)

Do you feel that your experience is different than others? READ MORE HERE (http://www.marykayparkinson.com/HSP_s_Need_Time.html)

Our group was founded in 2008 by Scott. Through Scott and this meet-up group, many people have come to learn about the highly sensitive trait. The focus of this meet-up group is on those learning about the HSP trait and exploring this newly discovered (to the person) trait. Not sure if you are an HSP, have questions about the HSP trait, want to discuss the trait with other HSPs and hear about their experiences? This meet-up group is for you. A place to gain a deeper understanding of the HSP trait. A great place to start if the HSP trait is all new for you. A place to meet other HSPs and experience the wide variety of ways the trait appears in others.

Right now the leadership team consists of myself as overall organizer, and Lorraine who is offering an in person meet-up in DC every two months (right now isn't meeting because of Covid-19). We are looking for new leaders!!! I am happy to work with you.

We would love for others to sponsor social groups, activity groups and discussion groups in other areas (North MD (like Colombia, Ellicott City or Baltimore) and District of Columbia are popular requests. Let me know if you are interested in exploring joining the leadership team.

You can also post new discussions or reply to an existing discussion.

I myself have worked with highly sensitive people for over 20 years. I offer personal growth support for HSP's. I provide support to HSPs through this open meet-up group, individual sessions, workshops and in-depth groups. I have put together many resources for HSP's and would like to share those with you, HSP Resources (http://www.marykayparkinson.com/HSP_Resources.html). HSP's everywhere are awakening to this special trait and there are free newsletters, magazines, e-zines, books, blogs and videos! Get connected!

Love and light,

Mary Kay

PS Please e-mail me (mkparkinson@yahoo.com) if a member makes you feel unsafe. We want this to be a safe place to meet other HSP's.

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