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Responsive Web Design for Developers

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As mobile device web usage grows, developers have to increasingly contend with the problem of handling both desktop and mobile browsers. Because desktop monitors are large and mobile devices are small, do we need separate sites for desktop and mobile? And where do tablets fit in? Are tablets more like desktop monitors or mobile devices? How do you create experiences that are both touch- and mouse-friendly? And how do you deal with the increasing level of diversity in browser capabilities? These are just a few of the questions we have to ask when we plan to create our websites in a mobile world.
Responsive web design is a technique created to solve one of the more difficult problems of desktop and mobile, which is creating websites that work on a wide variety of screen sizes. In this meeting we will primarily discuss the techniques of responsive web design. Since this is a client-side technique, we will be spending a large amount of time in CSS. And because many developers have issues understanding how you can use CSS floats for layout, we'll be giving a primer on that.
Eric Sowell manages the mobile web development efforts of These days he also dabbles in iOS development, draws a lot and definitely plays too much Minecraft. He is the recent author of Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5 with Apress. You can see his occasionally updated website at and can follow him on Twitter (@mallioch).