JavaScript Events: What They Are and How to Use Them

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Events are central to web programming for anything but the most trivial of web applications. In this Meetup we'll discuss topics such as how to use common events (e.g. click, touchstart), event capturing versus bubbling, event delegation, and discuss ideas on how we can use this knowledge to build interesting things.

This is an intermediate-level talk. All that you need to know is HTML and the basic ins-and-outs of JavaScript.

Eric Sowell is an instructor for The Iron Yard in Dallas ( ) and helps people change careers and become web developers. When programming, he enjoys server-side development and database work but prefers to live on the client-side, doing either iOS app development or web development. He is the author of Mobile

ASP.NET ( MVC 5 ( ).

When not coding, he likes to read, study history and dead languages, and play Minecraft with the kids.