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A Tale of Modern Web Development

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Touching on the web development tools used, the reasons they chose them, the way they’ve organized their team and its workflow, and the lessons they learned along the way. Items on the list include:

Responsive Design
Continuous deployment
Backend server (or lack there of)
Pair programming
Behaviour-Driven Development

Jerome Lecomte
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I'm a Torontonian web developer at OANDA where I design a Forex trading application that gracefully adapts to all kind of screen sizes and devices. I live and breath Javascript. I'm a convert to the "test first, come up with code later" persuasion. In a previous life I also build 2 massively multiplayer online videogames for the West European market.

I enjoy retro videogaming (pixels are beautiful), building LEGO with my 2 sons (bricks are beautiful) and single malt Scotch (alcohol is bea… oops).

Mark Oosterveld
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I bought my first computer in 1981 (a trs-80 model 1) and haven't looked back since. The first time I got paid to write software was in 1983, for my high school. After university (ottawa, go gee-gee's!), I worked for a short time as an operator, mounting tapes, and clearing printers. I quickly abandoned that, and moved to Waterloo, where I got a job working in technical support, and eventually development (C). I moved to Toronto in 1995, to write cobol(!) and C++. In the late 90's I joined a startup in the online gaming space, and started writing Java. I bounced around a few jobs, including my own failed startup, and a short gig in medical imaging software, before landing at OANDA in 2007. Here, I continued to work in Java, until 2 years ago, when i started writing JavaScript (yay node.js!) and now CoffeeScript.

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Although OANDA is an on-going sponsor, the speakers for this talk are in no way a part of that sponsorship. I have asked OANDA to not sponsor this month’s event in hopes of avoiding any type of conflict of interest or notion that they are coming in as a part of their support. It is instead because the 2 speakers are doing some great things and I feel that they can provide some insight to the new workflow technologies that they have used during the production of their latest project.