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Winter Solstice Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Soundbath
The word solstice translates to “sun stands still” and on this shortest day of the year we have a beautiful opportunity to gather as a community to reset and slow down to zero point where the magic happens! Christine Jude Winus, founder of Rising Earth Healing Arts will be holding space for this sacred gathering with a womb/hara body prayer and meditation. Dana Whiddon of Coventina Healing Arts will be offering ceremony with the magical cacao deva and Alison Jolicoeur of Beacon of Light Wellness Center will be ringing the gorgeous and resonant gong offering up a transcendent sound bath as we dive into the theme: Brave Hearts - Illuminate the Dark. We will be holding witness to the word brave and how that implies that we face a challenge or fear and hold the willingness to move through it. We will focus on beloved relationships - Be Loved. The relationship we have with ourselves and one another. Our external relationships hold the beautiful gift of reflecting our inner relationship to ourselves. Our inner dialogue of what is expressed and what is repressed within ourselves will be explored. Ahhh, the natural and organic brilliance of the winter solstice! Let’s illuminate what we wish to release and compost that which is ready for change in our lives! Where do you feel these energies? What do you need to feel fulfilled and experience joy overflowing? Through the sacred medicine of Mother Cacao “Food of the Gods” revered by the Mayan culture, we will open and nurture the heart chakra. This medicine will helps to remove blocks on all levels, energetically, physically, emotional/mental and help to realign energy and help to dissolve negativity. Cacao has a significant caffeine content (though less than coffee) that can increase the heart rate if you are sensitive. Some people are allergic or sensitive to Theobromine, the active ingredient in Cacao that trigger headaches or migraines. It can also affect your sleeping patterns if you are sensitive to it. Please refrain from eating a larger meal two to three hours prior to ceremony to allow the medicine to work it’s magic. Sacred Exchange: $30 This ceremony and journey is open to all men and women.


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Let's gather together in sisterhood. This group is for women who crave an authentic community where they can share their truth and receive support in a safe and nonjudgemental environment. We will journal, make art, dance and meditate. Let's explore the feminine side of spirituality as we honor the directions, the elements and ourselves. Use this sacred space to set intentions, release what no longer serves you and step into your power.

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