What we're about

Reconnect with nature and experience moments of deep calm. Enhance your creativity and find greater clarity in facing life’s challenges.

Slow yourself
Focus on the senses to bring awareness to the present moment. Give importance to all the different senses. Reconnect with the entire being.

Know yourself
Find calm and experience the stillness. When we are silent, we can begin to receive the gifts that nature has to offer.

Grow yourself
Learn to carry the forest within you. Even when we are not in nature, the peace and serenity of the forests can be a part of us and influence people around us. Invite close friends and people in your life to experience the healing powers of nature. Build a community and a deeper connection with nature.​

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Mindful Hiking Adventure

Reedy Creek Park

Feel Good Fest - FREEE

Heist Brewery and Barrel Arts


Freedom Park

Mindful Hiking Adventure

Reedy Creek Park

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