What we're about

Eager to get your hands dirty on leading-edge technologies, meet like-minded enthusiasts and share your coding skills in a thrilling atmosphere? Great, you're in the right place then! Looking forward to chatting with you at our next Coding Battles.

Our Coding Battles are built around challenges, co-created with companies around their projects, technical challenges and exciting technologies (VR, IoT, chatbots, Apps, Algorithms..).

From student to pro, everyone is welcome.

Our guiding principles:

• Have fun Greatest things come out of passion. If you enjoy doing something, it will result in greater motivation and greater results.

• Keep on challenging yourself Push your limits. Challenge yourself. Keep on learning. You’ll be surprised what can come out of you.

• Do it Best learning experiences come from doing and trying things yourself

• Collaborate & Compete Work with others, check your improvement on the leader-board. Share your experience, learn about your mistakes. The core of the coding battles are the human links we create and how they improve ourselves.

Sounds like good vibes? So come say hello on our online plateforme at hackleague.io (http://hackleague.io/).

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Coding Battle with Amazon - Chatbots


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