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Hack Night at Carbon Five LA

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Carbon Five LA bi-weekly, intimate hack night for developers who want to code and collaborate for a couple of hours after work.

This week we kick off the night with presentation on hacking iOS SDK and the Objective-C runtime with Categories. Ever wish you could add a property on every class in the SDK? Or change the behavior on a controller without subclassing? With Objective-C categories you can! We'll walk through how to reopen classes to add utility classes, getting around restrictions on adding new properties, and the magic of "swizzling."

Bring your questions, your own tips, and your own iOS (or other) projects to discuss and hack the rest of the night. Developers of all experience levels are welcome and there will be at least a couple Carbon Five folks around to help out or discuss ideas.

Doors open around 6pm, the presentation will start at 7pm. We'll keep hacking until 9pm (sometimes later). We'll provide the infrastructure, food, and beverages.

ps. If the gate in front of the building is locked, dial #3333 to buzz yourself in.