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Anyone who is interested in cybersecurity and penetration testing should join this group. The purpose of the meet up is to meet other infosec enthusiasts, discuss, exchange knowledge regarding cybersecurity, hack machines from Hack The Box dedicated to this gathering and enjoy.

Hack The Box ( https://www.hackthebox.eu ) is an online cybersecurity training platform allowing individuals and corporate teams to level up their penetration testing skills through a fully gamified and immersive environment.

Over 150 constantly updated virtual labs, real-world scenario simulation and CTF-style challenges, all part of a massively growing cybersecurity community where professionals exchange ideas and obtain an all-around hacking mindset, while companies can train their employees and find top talent.

Cyber training gamified, hack your way in at https://www.hackthebox.eu/login

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Hola a todos,

Vamos a iniciar el año con la última vulnerabilidad que ha incinerado varios servidores por el internet, Log4j. Los esperamos a todos para iniciar el año con mucha energía

AV evasión con GO

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Esta vez les traemos una transmisión sorpresa para aquellos que quieren aprender a evadir los AV tradicionales

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Hack The Box Meetup: Bogotá Sesión 26 (Virtual)

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