• Searchvana - Backend Engineering HackKRK

    Base Lab

    In today’s world knowledge is abundant but wisdom is scarce. Can you find wisdom in ancient texts? Can you do it faster than the competition? If you’re into backend engineering, the hackathon will be an opportunity to pursue true wisdom with other skilled and like-minded engineers. It’s been a while since our last gathering and we’re really excited to be back so don’t miss it, come join us on October 17th and experience a hacker’s nirvana. Expect: * other hackers and the never-to-be-forgotten HackKRK vibe * lightning talks by: Jesper Hvirring Henriksen – VP of Engineering at Zendesk and Bogusław Miśta – Backend Platform Team Leader at Zendesk (former Base) * attractive prizes for winners * as always, beers and burgers are on us Because of the limited number of places available, we cannot host all of you. Please register here --> https://goo.gl/forms/Sb0Nmef2WO25dABc2 . We will let you know if we can host you before October 12, 2018.

  • Good Old Tanks - Java & friends HackKRK

    Tech Space

    Are you having enough fun with your 64-bit system? Weren’t things better back in 8 and 16-bit era? The next HackKRK is coming and this time we challenge you to use your skills to create a bot that will play one of the great old games. Let’s see how legendary tank warfare game will mix with Java & other techs. Your bots will challenge each other in competitive gameplay. Will you be able to hack together some sketchy AI? Will you just count on your luck? Which tank will survive? Make sure to have epic fun and improve your solution with each iteration. The event is for you if you: • want to write an awesome bot to compete with others • have experience in coding software in any programming language • are enthusiast who would like to use your skill to compete and meet other coding enthusiasts[optional] • are feeling nostalgic about good old games What to bring: • a laptop with your programing language environment set up • good vibe and eagerness to win Games-related prizes are waiting for the best hackers. Food and drinks are on us. Photo by David DeHetre (https://www.flickr.com/photos/davedehetre/) licensed with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/)

  • Beat the Riddler! - Ruby HackKRK

    Tech Space

    Help! Batman needs your help! The matrix of riddles set up for him by the Riddler is too much for our brave hero. Apparently despite his strength and cool outfit he doesn’t know how to code! He needs your Ruby chops. Will you prove to be worthy of being Batman’s sidekick? Be his (Robin) Rubyn? Let’s join our forces and prove again that Ruby is an all-powerful weapon that can help us solve them. Whether you work with Ruby on a day-to-day basis or just want to hone your skills, join us at the Tech Space (http://gototech.space) to (re)discover the joy and beauty of writing Ruby again. What you'll need: • Laptop • Github or Twitter account • Good humour and a pinch of competitive mood :)

  • Elixir meetup with José Valim

    Tech Space

    Update: there's a brand new Elixir Community in Krakow: http://www.meetup.com/Elixir-Krakow/events/222065503/ (this is the same event, feel free to sign up wherever you want). Hi guys! We’re sure you've heard about Elixir (http://elixir-lang.org/) many times already - now you'll have a chance to hear its creator speaking about Phoenix (http://www.phoenixframework.org/). We will start with the talk by Paweł Obrok: Comparison of Actor execution models and why Elixir is better Elixir and Erlang have a specific approach for how concurrent concepts are actually executed on the machine. The talk shows an overview of different possibilities from ruby libraries and their relative advantages and disadvantages. Then José Valim will take over with his talk: Tackling the modern web with the Phoenix framework Most web frameworks make us choose between being productive and performance, however Phoenix gives us both. In this talk, we will explore how Phoenix' foundations, the Elixir programming language and the Erlang Virtual Machine, allow Phoenix to tackle both old and modern web alike while being fast, reliable and keeping us productive. You cannot miss it! :)

  • Java HackKRK - The Cupcake Cipher Challenge!

    A brand new HackKrk is coming up and this time it's all about Java! So what's the story? The Cupcake Cipher Challenge The enemy is upon us! Our counterintelligence has identified a foreign spy inflitration. We call upon you! Come help us hack the „cupcake cipher” the foreign spies use to communicate while undercover! We’ll use your combined minds, Java coding chops and computing power to track down the enemy! Agenda Here's the agenda for today. We'll most likely finish earlier than 23:00. ;-) 18:00-18:15 Opening and Intro to Cupcake Cipher Challenge 18:15-20:15 Hacking Part I 20:15-21:00 Pizza and Networking 21:00-23:00 Hacking Part II 23:00 Closing and Awards :) P.S. Make sure to bring your laptops with Java 8 installed! Food and drinks are on us! :)

  • The Future of Mobile Software

    Base Lab

    Hi guys, Long time no see, hm? :) We’ve been recently getting more and more questions about the next HackKrk, so let us just start with a YES - we’ll have a hackathon announcement for you very soon (BTW, if you’re an iOS developer, you should check out http://www.swiftcrunch.com right away!). BUT in the meantime, We’re happy to invite you to a meetup dedicated entirely to the future of mobile software. Interested? Join us on Tuesday, 21st October at 6PM A beer or two in a group of great hackers - on us. You’ll hear: Uzi Shmilovici - the founder and CEO at Base. When it comes to talking about the future of mobile software, it’s hard to find a guy who’s more passionate about it than Uzi. The three native mobile apps from Base are already #1 in their respective app stores in their category. But where Base is now is merely the beginning of how Uzi and his team reimagine the future of it. Mateusz Herych - Android Engineer at Base, Google Developer Expert for Android - if you’re from Krakow then you know the guy, right? Or at least you know the GDG events or KrakDroid conference he’s also organizing. This time, he’ll talk about wearables and will bring some Moto 360 watches that you will be able to experiment a little with. Lightning talks: Corner Stitching in Swift - Fernando Olivero ...to be announced... - Marek Gronowski Interested in giving a Lightning Talk around the topic? You're most welcome to! Contact [masked] for details.

  • Connectivity HackKRK

    Base Lab

    With so much buzz around the internet of things we thought it's high time we played with the concept of connectivity. On Thursday 10.10 we will gather to hack on apps that interact with the physical world and other devices. We will go crazy on app ideas and technologies: • iOS7 iBeacons & Airdrop • ye-olde NFC • RubyMotion - @mehowte (https://twitter.com/mehowte) will be there to share his experience with it • ... All tricks and platforms imaginable are allowed! The coolest apps according to participants will get fun prizes. We'll run a popular vote to crown the winners. As always - it's a free meetup. Drinks and snacks are on us. Just bring your hacking gear, hacker friends, and geeky ideas and lets have some fun connecting everything and everyone. If you have ideas, tools, technologies you'd like to tell about to other hackers then Lightning Talks session will be perfect for it. See you soon! When: Thursday[masked]pm - ...

  • HackKRK #11 - Geek Game Contest

    Needs a location

    At the upcoming HackKRK we will be holding a contest for the best game with ASCII-art graphics. You'll get starter code with some simple rendering functions to make it extremely easy to jump straight into it. At the end of the night a popular vote will decide who takes home the prize. We are very excited to see what you come up with. A new roguelike? A top-down shooter? A puzzle game? Anything is possible… The starter code will require ruby 1.9.3. If you already have rvm configured then just “rvm install 1.9.3”. Otherwise visit https://rvm.io/rvm/install/ and follow the instructions for your system. It should be easy even for non-Ruby developers to come up with interesting games! If you feel like hacking on something completely different then that's perfectly OK too. You can also share ideas with everybody during Lighting Talks session. Register and join us on Thursday 31st of January - 6pm at Future Simple office. Also, let others now you're coming by joining the event on FB (http://www.facebook.com/events/495374540513130). As always... drinks and delicious food are on us. See you there!