What we're about

As Pittsburgh’s first Makerspace, also known as a HackerSpace. HackPGH birthed the maker movement as we know it in Pittsburgh and has been involved in Pittsburgh and beyond for nearly a decade.

We have been a self sustained Non-Profit since the beginning. Our focus is on collaboration, education, inclusion and community.

We are all equal here at HackPGH and we want to see everyone come together to make something better.

Membership Model:
- $50/mo Membership
- 24/7 Access
- Teach a class, get a free month membership.
- Volunteer one shop clean a quarter.
- +18 but our classes are open to most ages.
- A place for prototyping and small batch manufacturing (etsy, etc)

Main Tools / Shop Areas:
1. 2x3ft 150w Laser Cutter.
2. Mig Welders / Metal Shop
3. Table Saw / Wood Shop
4. Sewing/Embroidery Machines
5. Electronics Workbench
6. CNC Machines

HackPGH is all about community. We want to see more people come in, collaborate, and learn from each other as well as have access to awesome tools! We have GEDs teaching PHDs and vise versa here. We are the makers making waves in the community.


Upcoming events (5)

Microcontroller Meet-Up


Note: This meetup previously met at TechShop Pittsburgh Do you love Arduino? How about Raspberry Pi? Do you want know about these things but don't know where to begin? Come to our monthly Microcontroller Meet-Up! Bring your laptop, your projects, and your questions and then chat with people about microcontrollers and their applications.

Ham (Amateur) Radio MeetUp


Note: This meetup previously met at TechShop Pittsburgh The purpose of this meet up is to offer a space to enthusiasts to gather and chat it up in person. We also want to offer advice on obtaining your license and how to study up for the test. Below is a list of topics/things we will be covering in the first meetup. • Info for Newbies(What is Ham) • Pittsburgh and Ham • Open Floor for any Groups/Clubs • Swap Meet - Sell old radios/equipment (Limit Items to standard bankers box size i.e. no 40ft jpoles ;) )

Foam & Fiber Group


Join HackPGH's Foam & Fiber Group! Purpose: We help people with their costumes and provide a fun and inviting environment for the cosplay community at HackPGH! Meetings: First Saturday of each month, classes permitting. Informally most weekend evenings, space permitting. Leaders: Jeremy Sweeney and Tara Faggioli. Organization: Informal. Rules: All are welcome, HackPGH members and guests, provide they abide by the following rules: 1. Those under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 2. Have an interest in costuming and be willing to learn! 3. Abide by any and all rules of HackPGH, or any guest venue. 4. Be excellent to each other. No drama baiting, no unsolicited advise, no gate-keeping. Meetups will be times to plan, brainstorm, and socialize. All are welcome to work on their projects, but only HackPGH members may use shop machines/tools for insurance purposes.

Drone & UAV Meet-Up


Note: This meetup previously met at TechShop Pittsburgh Whether you are an experienced pilot or making your first flight, you won't believe how easy it is to use the latest crop of drones. Let's get together and discuss the latest in Drone tech, FAA rules, and local regulations. We will also have a show and tell and maybe make some demos flights, so bring your drone and be ready to share your experiences.

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Drone & UAV Meet-Up


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