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Intro to CAD Workshop

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Price: $5.00 /per person


This month for our monthly workshop, we'll be exploring some basic CAD drawing using Autodesk 123D Design.

This is an entry level CAD software and it's free.

Please download the program before coming to class if possible:

Also, I'll be teaching with a laptop and an external mouse (not touch pad). If you'll be using a laptop, I highly recommend bringing a mouse too. CADing without a mouse is like jousting without a horse (though... that worked out ok on a recent GOT episode).

Anyway, too, if you're using a iPad or some such, you might have to figure out the touchpad interface, but the concepts will be the same. I've seen people do it with some success, I personally prefer a good ole' mouse.

I've been CADing for 6 years and have designed quite a bit of stuff, including 3D printed objects. You should come away from this class with an idea about what CAD is and how to use it.

We'll also talk about about 3D printing and how CAD works with that.

There's a suggested donation of $5 for non-HackRVA members. This helps us keep the doors open, plastic in the 3D printer, and cold drinks in the fridge.