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Caster Cars

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Traction? Brakes? Since the advent of the Model T Ford, these have been widely assumed to be an essential part of the driving experience.

This is totally wrong.

With casters for wheels, caster cars have no traction, and no brakes. They're always drifting, using the thrust from two propellers to control their motion. A computer and gyroscope (a re-purposed drone flight controller), help to stabilize the vehicle. Snow and water conversions are possible as well.

This video shows what to expect:

In this meetup, we'll start building caster cars.

This meetup will be the first of a 2-part series. In this first meeting, the caster car will be presented, demoed and discussed in detail. Participants will start designing their own car body, to be built during the following weeks on their own time.

In the second and final meeting (schedule TBD), participants will receive the electronics kit and install it onto their body, then we'll all go find a place to race our caster cars!

The meetup cost covers all of the electronics (2 motors, 2 speed controllers, 4 propellers, stability controller, battery, low battery alarm, wires). It does not include a battery charger or radio system, but communal versions of both of these are available through HackRVA.

Participants are responsible for the cost of their body design.

This project is only open to HackRVA members, since it requires access to HackRVA outside of the meetup period.

Future events using the caster cars are likely - plans are already in the works for an electronic timing system for races, as well as Tron-style illuminated track elements for nighttime running. Also, Aaron really wants to jump one off of a really big ramp.

Payment will be collected at the meetup, and should be made in cash or check to HackRVA.