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TL;DR: HackWimbledon is a pop-up hack space for makers and creators, held in Wimbledon and hosted by WimbleTech (http://www.wimbletech.com/).

They say the future is in the hands of the makers, the creators. Hackers are the digital makers and creators and they now have a whole range of new tools to build things with from tiny electronics to minicomputers, from Raspberry Pis to Arduinos and many others you won’t have heard of.

They are all out there ready to be wired into whatever you want them to be and programmed to make them do what you want them to do. But where do you start if you want to make a web-connected thermometer, a simple robot, an energy saving light or a weather aware window?

This is what HackWimbledon wants to illuminate. HackWimbledon meets up every other Saturday @ Wimbletech, in Wimbledon library (http://www.wimbletech.com/) (5 minutes Wimbledon station, a home for startups and coworkers in Merton!). HackWimbledon runs from 12pm to 6pm. If you want to take part, turn up. If you want to hack, bring a laptop.

Our resident curator, @codepope (https://twitter.com/Codepope), is always on hand to show the various gadgets you can bend to your will. We’ll have some boards to play with and assistance to get you going. Each meeting has a challenge for new and experienced hackers, a curators corner with something interesting being built or programmed and, of course, space for you to work on your own project in a supportive and fun environment.

HackWimbledon is aimed at supporting you and the hacking and creating community. So come along and join in - you too can make, create and illuminate at HackWimbledon!


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HackvemberMore - An Open Hack #142

Wimbletech Zone 2

Making, creating and illuminating is what HackWimbledon is about and thats what we do at Open Hack sessions. Open Hacks have no theme except what you want to bring along. For example, this open hack, the curator's going to be doing things with CircuitPython and you can sit in and learn about that. There may also be Raspberry Pi and Robot hacking going on. Or you can sit down with your laptop and one of our Circuit Playgrounds and learn at your own pace. Come and learn and make with your own projects or learn what other people are building. Got a project your working on? Bring it along? Got an idea and looking for some hints or feedback? Come along. Work in the friendly informal environment, talk through plans, even come up with ideas for future HackWimbledon events. And if you are new to all this, come along and we've got all the bits you need to get your learning on. Simple things to remember; bring a laptop... we have WiFi and a laptop has a web browser, your key to finding things. There'll be lots to do, we have Circuit Playgrounds, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and other gadgets to play with. If you are coming - RSVP on Meetup - We use it to get an idea of numbers and the last HackWimbledon was packed so you need to make sure you have reserved your space. We also have a slack channel so you can virtually chat before and after the event - you can sign up on https://launchpass.com/hackwimbledon __________________________________ As our regular reminder, this event is all about making and creating and sharing in a friendly environment and we're dedicated to making it work so people never feel uncomfortable, in whatever way, or unable to concentrate on their projects. We'll be making sure that this principle is maintained because it's what HackWimbledon is all about. If there's a problem, please talk with the organiser.

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Hackvember - An Open Hack #141

Wimbletech Zone 2

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