Hackaday LA July Meetup - On Cats and Typing Robots with Elecia White

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Hackaday LA is honored to have a special guest join us at the Supplyframe DesignLab in Pasadena; Elecia White! Join us for our July Meetup to meet fellow hackers, engineers, and makers. We'll have delicious food and drink, demos & lightning talks, and a machine learning, robotic talk & demo by Elecia. This is your rare opportunity to hang with Elecia White! Please RSVP so we can prepare in advance.

Featured Guest Speaker

On Cats and Typing: An Intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics - Elecia White

Elecia White will describe the twists and turns on the path to making a voice-controlled typing robot for her own education and amusement. She’ll show a slightly scary demo of the state-of-the-art machine learning platform then describe the applications of machine learning to robotics (and some of the steps necessary to do so). She will discuss the architecture of her system in its current and plans for the future. Finally, she will demonstrate control of a small, affordable robot arm.

Follow Elecia’s adventures in the worlds of machine learning and robotics.

Elecia White is the host of the Embedded.FM (http://embedded.fm/) podcast, author of O'Reilly's Making Embedded Systems (https://www.amazon.com/Making-Embedded-Systems-Patterns-Software/dp/1449302149), and founder of Logical Elegance (http://www.logicalelegance.com/), an embedded systems consulting company.


Call For Lightning Talks

We will have reserved time for lightning talks. You'll get about two minutes to make an announcement, demo a project, or call for project collaborators. There will be a sign-up list at the meetup.

Don't forget to bring along your demos and Hackaday.io projects. You made it, so it's time to show if off. Extra points if you bring your #HackadayPrize project. Get feedback, ask for advice, or get people to join your team.



The DesignLab is at 30 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, CA. You probably won't find street parking nearby, but please see this Google map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z336KXOi6I8Q.kWuP10Ksdh4Y) showing the Supplyframe DesignLab location and nearby parking structures:

• Del Mar Station Parking Structure (2 min walk), 198 South Raymond Avenue. [masked]

• Schoolhouse Park & Walk Structure (7 min walk), 33 East Green Street. [masked]

• De Lacey Park & Walk Structure (10 min walk), 45 South De Lacey Avenue. [masked]

Public Transportation

Using the Metro Goldline trains is quick and easy. It takes about 20 mins from Union Station in downtown LA to Del Mar Station, which is less than 2 minutes walk from our front door. Trains run about every 10 mins during the day, and 20 mins at night from 11pm-2am.

There are also buses that serve Old Town Pasadena. The nearest intersection is FAIR OAKS/DEL MAR BLVD, PASADENA, CA 91105. You can find timetables or use the Metro Trip Planner at metro.net (https://www.metro.net/)