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WHY ATTEND TECH SOCIALS? Simple. To meet new friends who love tech.

Our Tech Socials:

** are unpretentious & agenda-free

** bring developers, designers, and other technologists together

** help folks meet new pals, co-founders, funders, and even future employers

WHO SPONSORS TECH SOCIALS? Companies seeking greater community engagement.


** support the grassroots tech community

** showcase their products, services, and teams

** constantly meet and hire talented developers, designers, project managers, + more!


Interested in volunteering at a Tech Social, joining the organizing team, or starting a new one in your city? See our other events (http://hackernest.com/cities/) (hackernest.com/cities (http://hackernest.com/cities/)) around the world, then apply (http://hackernest.com/volunteer/)!


HackerNest (http://hackernest.com) runs unpretentious tech and innovation events that advance technology, improve humanity, and contribute to greater overall economic prosperity.


Our volunteer-run splinter cells (chapters), like our membership, grow and spread organically. As of February 2018, HackerNest will have run events in 70+ cities around the world. Check us out on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Hackernest), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hackernest), and Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HackerNest).


TECH SOCIALS are exactly what they sound like; home to both seasoned and fledgling technologists alike. They are down-to-earth, agenda-free community events where talented, enthusiastic tech nerds gather to socialize, wax technological, and meet future co-founders, employees, funders, and friends.


Our HACKATHONS rally experts and technologists to put their skills towards socially-beneficial causes. We partner with the U.S. Department of State on Fishackathon which runs in 65+ cities worldwide; with Facebook and the UK/Canadian governments on DementiaHack - the world’s foremost hackathon dedicated to dementia and Alzheimer’s, and many others. We also provide CONSULTING SERVICES to governments and corporations that draw from our unique experiences in producing blockbuster internal and external innovation events.

HackerNest MEMBERS are diverse, highly skilled, and passionate about their industry. Developers, designers, engineers, business/marketing/sales-types, entrepreneurs, investors, and others regularly attend and participate in our universally-acclaimed events and communities.

SPONSORS power our movement. They include the likes of the Canadian, UK, and U.S. governments, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Microsoft, RBC, and many other stellar brands. Interested? Please email sponsor@hackernest.com .

MEDIA, please email pr@hackernest.com or connect with us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Hackernest) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/hackernest).


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